A Competition.

Just a quick post because there is lots o' homeworkin' to be done tonight. Don't worry though, this is an intense one, a battle of the best  competition. There is no fighting, or even people involved. It's a friendly competition. A little war on who is softer. The lineup tonight consists of...nothing that interesting! Check it out...
Both shirts from Urban Outfitters.
See what I mean? Flokati rug vs. tantalizing striped fuzz. This is silly, what a shame. Anyway, let me know who would win this face-off. Or just drop a comment on how I'm doing. Or just to say whaddup and be nice. The choice is yours. Over and out. 


The Flopknot Makes Its First Appearance

We all know the topknot. Come on, it's one of the classic blogger hairstyles. One part alien, one part bad hair day solution. I will admit that it does work except when the volume of your hair exceeds a certain amount...the topknot can only stay up top for so long...before it becomes a flopknot. In this here outfit post I demonstrate the flopknot as well as plaid. Dysfunctional fashion blogger meets lumberjack? Sure. Here it goes. 
Plaid Shirt- Nordstrom
Boots-Steve Madden
Check me out being all chic. Topknot is still flying high. Plaid is stealing the show. Plaid never fails. I tell you. Meanwhile pants are hanging out in all their charcoal grey linen glory. 
Necklace- Sorry, I don't know!
This necklace was passed down to me from a family member who didn't want it anymore. Who knows why? I would never pass up a chunky necklace beaded with large silver metallic orbs and then smaller ones made of something resembling dried sponges. Unique. 

And here it is! The flopknot. No longer properly fastened on the top of my head, instead, it is slowly drooping its way towards Earth. But hey, gravity wins right? Anyway, the lesson here is that plaid never fails but topknots do. Just kidding, there is no lesson at the moment. I'm still just trying to make my way into the blogosphere! Does anyone actually use that word? Am I annoying you with questions? Are you really just looking for answers? Okay I'll stop now, don't want to lose followers even though I have none! Cowabunga! Oh, and please do yourself a favor and get pumped for tomorrows post...

By the way...there will be a banner change in the near future..this one was just temporary...and photo credit goes to Emily


Servin' It Up (Finally)

Well, this took awhile. I've had the idea for this blog for a solid four months now and I kept putting it off because I'm busy and the world's biggest procrastinator. Mostly this is a space for me to let my style ideas run wild. That sounded so cheesy I can't even bear it, but I stink at introductions so stay with me people! I live in lovely rural suburbia which results in a kind of fashion black hole. All I'm saying is yoga pants and Uggs. COMBINED. Excuse me while I go throw up. The "U" word will never be mentioned again on this here blog. I'm in high school and I think it's a given that your average teen is not exactly renowned for their sense of style. Or classiness. Now, that doesn't mean that there aren't some out there who do have style/classiness . So I'm here to say that I'm one of those, but maybe lay off the class just a tiny bit (unless you consider excessive print mixing and/or layering to be classy). Anyways, welcome to Servin' Up Style! 

Oh, and a few more things...

p.s.- Tomorrow is my birthday. 
p.p.s.- There will be an outfit post in the near future. 
p.p.p.s.- Okay now I'm done. Thanks for reading! (by the way, does anyone know how to have the banner stretch across the entire top?)