Happy Holidays!

Whatever it is you celebrate...Happy Holidays! Check out my dwarf Christmas tree...but hey, 'tis the season...I'm spending my winter holiday in Dublin...there will be a large amount of photos to share with you when I get back...so get pumped. Best Holiday wishes to you all...yadda yadda yadda. Xo.


An Obligatory Ginger Post

It has been awhile. Awhile awhile. So with a huge apology and a hug, I deliver to you an obligatory ginger post. Though this is merely an outfit post (nothing special...just what I wore on a drizzly day), I hope it satisfies your blog reading needs.


I've got a question for you...

If you are at familiar with my idol The Man Repeller, you know that she has a penchant for, well, skants. Skirt-pants. Skants.
I tested out the look today when going out to dinner...what do you freaks think? Can I pull it off? Or do I look like a who-knows-what...
By the way...now that I have an iPhone...follow me on Instagram and Pose...(servinupstyle).
This is all so exciting.

p.s.-I don't know how I lived without Hipstamatic for so long...


The Classic Blogger Weekly Inspiration Column.

Lets all just admit here and now that most bloggers have this disease where they believe they must post their "inspirations" or "loves" for the week. I used to laugh at these people. And now I'm one of them. Though I am not a "serious" photographer by any means yet, it is a hobby I love and I'm hoping to improve at it! There really is something satisfying about snapping a perfect image. Woah there. We are servin' up some deep content over here. That pun was intended to showcase my tendency towards being annoying cleverness. So anyway, here are some pictures that pretty much sum up my week....

Beautiful metal flowers turn this ugly wall into something...not ugly.
Winter sunlight through my bedroom window.
Not photoshopped, I swear.

Hope that provided you with some inspiration...I am trying to get more in the habit of posting so there will be more to come very soon! Oh, and Happy Weekend!


Case Decisions.

It's been a while. Sorry. If you had to memorize the down-and-dirties of photosynthesis I bet you wouldn't be posting either. I thought that I shouldn't leave you hanging and let you know that I have come to a great epiphany, socks are the answer to everything. I don't know why I crossed that out because it happens to be true. Anyway, a very exciting thing is happening, I am soon to be in possession of a lovely iphone 4s. The first thing I thought of after I found this out was case. After spending a good long time searching, I have found two that might just do it...

This Kate Spade case is choice number one. It's pretty classy and maybe even a bit boring, but hey, its metallic and that's what matters in my book. I'm like a crow, attracted to shiny objects. I watched a documentary about them on Animal Planet once.  

Ah. And here we have number two. There is nothing like a good mustache print I tell you. This one from Casemate is no exception. It even gives a name for each of the different kinds. What more could you ask for? That was a rhetorical question. Well, there ya have it folks. One decision. Two lovely cases. Who wants to help me decide? So far everyone is too scared to comment...show yourselves. Just kidding, no pressure. I'm just a jokester today. Over and out. 

P.S.- Any ideas for a new banner???


The Weekend Dilemma (and a note on slacking)

I know, I know. I haven't posted in two days. So help me. I've had an insane amount of school work this week and have decided that today marks the end of what I used to call my social life. But, Hallelujah! Tomorrow is Friday! My favorite second favorite day of the week! (Behind Saturday of course) Unfortunately, due to the fact that I will be busy taking notes on the Calvin Cycle, reading The Odyssey, drafting a cross-examination for a debate, and studying for French, I was unable to take any photographs as you can imagine. Which is why I'm going to redirect you to my friends blog FOR TONIGHT! She is a strange person photographer, and extremely talented might I add. So for your entertainment...you can check out her photos. Call me a slacker, I'm sorry. There will be brilliant posts in the future. I promise. They will be the posts of the century. Anyway, stay with me people, this blog may have a rocky start, but it's worth it.