The Epitome of Cool

I've always wondered, who is it that decides what's cool, and what isn't. It seems the cool people are unaware of their evident level of cool, and the uncool people are aware of their level of cool, a level which doesn't exist. This year, me being in high school and all, "cool" has been something that's been coming up over and over again, in positive, but most of the time negative ways. Yet still, I don't have an answer. Since when is it "cool to be cool", and who decided that anyways? Clearly, I need answers. Discuss in the comments, if you will. But right now, I need some dessert. And so, I leave you with this little guy I saw in Topshop over the the weekend...

Dog-sneakers, one thing that I know, for sure, is cool.


  1. I hope by dessert, you don't mean this dog!!

    "the uncool people are aware of their level of cool, a level which doesn't exist"

    That may be one of my favorite lines ever. So great.

    The whole idea of cool is very strange - and I think it has a lot to do with either not caring, or being fantastically good at pretending like you don't care (which I assume is more often the case).

    Do you ever notice, for example, that the guys who you don't like and that you're your most nerdy self around are always the ones that end up liking you? I think this may be related.


    1. I completely agree with everything you just stated there...so true. And yes! My friends and I always spend copious amounts of time lamenting over the fact that the boys that end up liking us (a rare occurrence due to our strangeness haha) are the ones in which we have next to zero interest...
      I guess it's just one of the many dilemmas I'll be encountering as I continue to be in highschool...
      By the way, it's comments like yours that mean so much to me, so thank you!


  2. so cute!



  3. Dogs are cool. Period ;)

    Cheers ♥



  4. cool in highschool is a waste of time, as long as you enjoy it and ignore those who care about 'cool' you'll come out a better person. I think 'cool' people are the people who care most about themselves and what other people think of them and being the centre of attention, which is a waste of time.

    Those dog sneakers actually kind of freak me out and remind me of little vintage stuffed animals, more specifically the little monkeys with plastic human hands :P

    You'll do great in the high school experience, don't worry! :)