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If you don't already have an instagram, I strongly advise you to get one. And, if you don't know what instagram is, well, hold on, I'll tell you right after I pass out. Point is, I am addicted, and proud, and the best part is that I'm not alone. So here, I compiled a sampling of some of my pictures, as well as a list of instagrammers you should be following (aside from me of course!). 

And this is just a snippet...
As you can see, it's filled with my daily endeavors, not just fashion fashion bloop dee blah. So follow me, if you love me, at @hsmurphs. 

I know I also told you that, aside from me, I would comprise a list of some of my favorite fashion-based instagram accounts: 

1. Leandra "The Man Repeller Medine" for sneak peaks into her daily sartorial experiments. She is my favorite blogger of all time and I wish she was my friend so so so much. Her instagram will make you wish that as well, trust me.  

Follow her: @manrepeller

2. Jessica Stein of the Aussie blog "Tuula Vintage" for stunning photos of not only clothes, but some pretty delicious looking treats as well! 

Follow her: @tuulavintage

3. Alexa Chung, because, ya know, it's Alexa Chung. 

Follow her: @chungalexa

4. Alexandra Spencer from "4th and Bleeker". She is just so cool, and there is no other way to describe her. Oh wait, except for maybe drop-dead gorgeous. 

Follow her: @4thandbleeker

5. I follow the Dannijo trio of accounts. Danielle and Jodie's respective personal ones, and the actual Dannjo account. Mostly because they have rad pictures, and as well as being the brains behind my favorite jewelry company, they also have a pretty awesome sense of style as well. 

Follow these: @danielleasnyder @dannijo @jodielynns

Those are my top five favorites. Though there are so many more it would take me about a trillion billion years to list them all! If you go to my instagram profile and tap "following" you'll see the rest of the peeps I follow. Anyways, hit up the 'gram, get sucked in, and have fun with it. One last tidbit of unapologetic self-promotion: @hsmurphs. 

Have a nice night!

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  1. Amazing pics!