If the Internet was my Closet...

A girl can dream right? Right? Right? I guess just because someone can do something doesn't mean they should, but that's another conversation entirely. I personally, am one-hundred percent for dreaming, in case you were wondering. Aldous Huxley said "Dream in a pragmatic way". Well, if we are talking pragmatic in the sense of practicality, I believe clothing is very practical. Don't even try to argue nudist colonies with me. Anyways, here's my mash-up of dreams, if you're still with me. This would be an outfit to help deal with the temperamental behavior of good old mother nature. Cue, artfully arranged items:

Acne jacket and tee
Dannijo Loolee necklace
Pamela Love skull necklace
Marc Jacobs bow ring
Dannijo Beatrix ring
Versus jeans
Carven sandals
via net-a-porter and dannijo
There you have it. My dreams. #butnotreally. Thank goodness, I have much greater dreams for myself than this, but you get the point. I'm not exactly sure what the "Do it Better" is referring to, however. If you know, share your knowledge. I'm guessing movie reference? Probably not. This monologue has gone too far. Anyways, todays session of "If the Internet was my Closet" has come to a close. 

Sweet dreams. 

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  1. That Dannijo Beatrix ring is amazing! xx Mandy