Old Faithful

 Less than 20 days of actual school classes left! Can you all just give me virtual high fives? I shouldn't get too excited though, these will be the longest 20 days of the year. Moving painfully slow as per typical school fashion. Ha fashion. Anyways, it is during this time, that I always get slightly lazy, sartorial-wise. And so, every year I always find my self going back to the old standbys, stuff that I know will look good even if I have five minutes to throw an outfit together in the morning, with absolutely no time to get creative as I usually like to. But, on to the point of this post, for at it's heart, this post is about one pair of earrings that I got for two dollars a long time ago. They add a little sumthin' sumthin' edge to anything and everything I wear, making them a necessity during this time of year. Hence, I call them Old Faithful. 

Ignore the wild wisps of hair that I've given up on controlling. I'm sorry if my abnormally small ears offend you. I offend myself. Blahblahblah. Anyways, they are simple as can be, and go with everything. Considering I wear them everyday, I thought I ought to feature them. Old Faithful bringing it in. Originally, this post was going to end here, but then this morning I took this picture of my shadow, and look who snuck into it! My good friends, Chuck and Taylor. Another one of my favorites that I know I can always count on.

Hi Chuck. Hi Taylor. This is quite a quality photo if I do say myself. You can tell what time it was because of the shortness of my shadow. I have to go finish an art assignment now for a summer program I'm doing. By the way, go outside today, it's practically summer. Motha nature loves us. 

Peace out cub scouts. 


  1. Nice earrings!

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    1. Ah I can't believe you read my blog...I love sabo skirt! I know I sound like a crazed fangirl but I love your shop and your blog!

      -xx Hannah