Hello MTV and welcome to Acne Resort 2013. In honor of this collection I have invented a new word. Racne. Let me explain. As I was browsing the great bounty of the interwebs, perusing lookbooks, reading yet another blog post on the Margiela x H&M collaboration, I came across the Acne Resort 2013 collection. Diligently, I examined it, and noticed a new trend that starts at the toes with some calf-high sandals that Jesus would probably approve of, and ended with a hat that resembled in some form or another, a piece of millinery that a Rabbi would wear. I call this, Rabbi-chic. It's up to you to decide if the chic part is a fitting adjective to use in the description of this collection, but either way, it has a ring to it so lets just let it be. This is how we come to the conclusion of Racne. Taking cues from both the Bible (cut to sandal-boot hybrid) and modern Rabbi dressing, I used my superior talent at mashing words together to create Racne. I'm going to end this post before my ability to form coherent sentences wears off. So tell me what you think. I'm peer pressuring you. Tell. Tell. 


  1. I think I'm totally obsessed with Acne. I have been aching to own anything of theirs for ages and ages.
    Lovely blog, following you on Bloglovin!
    xx, micol


  2. Really sunning looks and especially love the outerwear!

    Complacency Kills 

  3. You definitely have your way with words! very lovely & interesting...


  4. love Acne...love Racne even more. The only thing missing is some curled side burns. (I don't know technical Jewish terminology)