Eye Candy

Just like I promised, internet is up...for now at least. Anyways, here are some images I've been collecting on my desktop for the past week or so now. There is no correlation between any of them. Just things I like. That's all. It's kind of developed into my secret study trick, just when I think my brain can't handle anymore information being crammed into it, I just look at some pretty pictures. Sounds freaking idiotic silly, I know...but I swear it works! 

All images are from tumblr. However, if you know the correct source, let me know and I'll cite it right up! I do know that one of them (numero five) is from The Manrepeller...

Have a nice night!


  1. I love that huge denim vest!

  2. These are cute inspirational post.

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  3. I know what you mean about taking a break from studying!! Your photos are inspiring!


  4. The 4th photo is from the Romance Was Born show at MBFWA, don't know who took the pic. And the pic of Joan Smalls, lookin' amaze in denim on denim is by Tommy Ton on Jak & Jil. Cabin Porn is my go to site for clearing my mind. I totally feel you on this one. It works.