On Keeping My Word

Here's the rest of that outfit post I alluded to yesterday afternoon. I kept my word, hence the title of this post, and now because of it you get to enjoy some interpretive dance poses and faces that I didn't even know I could make. Any ways, here it is, I'm not sure why my right leg looks so distorted in the first one, but oh well. By the way, a little backstory on these, we (my friend and I) went on a mini road trip to the tiniest, sleepiest little town, that was right on the Hudson. It was hilarious because among all the antique stores and old tavern kind of places, there was an "artisan ice pop" and bubble tea shop, that was anything but old and dated. So thats where the bubble tea is from, that I'm holding, a piece of irrelevant information for you, courtesy of me. As usual. Okay, enjoy!

See what I mean about my right leg? Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

Pulling a Manrepeller pose to show off my armparties. That's the face I was talking about, in case that needed clarification...

Don't worry, thats just a mannequin. But when the woman first opened the trunk of that car, I thought the same as you. Creepiest crap ever. 

Thats just me separating the bubbles from my tea. It's summer vacation, don't judge.


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  1. Love those tie dyed shorts! Looks like a fun day trip!