Pumped Up Kicks: A Story

Just like most people, I have fallen subject to the sneaker wedge craze. Right when the whole thing started with those glorious Isabel Marant sneakers, I started saving up determined that they would someday be mine. However, by the time I had gathered up enough bucks and had some extra left over, they were sold out. Everywhere. Right after they went on sale they were gone as fast as lightning. If you don't know which sneakers I'm talking about, here's a little collage I made to show you...
Of course, they would have been quite the investment for me, but I calculated everything out and even created over 30 outfits I could wear them with just from things I have in my closet. That is dedication people. However, this clearly didn't work out considering it is impossible to get my hands on them now, so I started on a hunt for some alternatives. Unfortunately though, I didn't have much luck. All of the knock-offs are either weird colors, or the wedge is too high, or they just look generally cheap. Sigh. And yet, I won't give up, so here are the alternatives that I found while browsing, none of which are really that good, except for those ASOS ones...hmmmmm.

Going clockwise from top right: Nike via Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Topshop. I might just have to go for the black ASOS ones. But please, if any of you guys know of anywhere I could possibly get the real deal, either send me an email or drop me a comment! Oh, and because I know the whole sneaker-wedge shenanigans evoke some very mixed feelings with people...please, discuss and tell me what you think. Ready...GO!


  1. the asos ones are def the best.. topshop had a really similar pair (that i got woop de doop!) but i think they may be sold out right now. anyways you can pre-order the real thing on luisaviaroma.com.. or at least you could a couple of days ago but you know how those babies fly out..

  2. Love those shoes!! I wanted to buy them too but like you I couldn't find them ANYWHERE.... :( Good luck with the searching :p
    It's so crazy that so many brands try to copy them but they are never as cool as the real deal..
    Cool blog!


  3. the isabel marant ones are coming out in september! i have them and they are amazing, can't wait to get a new color.