A moment in which...

I acknowledge the fact that I have not done many personal style posts lately, and for that I'm sorry. In the meantime, here are some pictures that I've hoarded over the course of this week. I know you're all just waiting for me to reveal my beautiful features again #no. The real reason however, is that it's just been so damn hot here in New York. Mostly I've been laying face down over the air conditioning vent in my room while drinking ice tea. Ah summer. Funny how all year we wish and wish for it and then when we're in the thick of it all we hate it more than anything. Okay that's an exaggeration and I'm rambling so I'm going to stop writing now.
Peace out mo' frickas. 


  1. love this images xx


  2. Wow such a cool photos ..loveee ..u have new follower would u like to follow me back xx Ania

  3. some awesome pictures. love the one of the girl with the water splashing her face. amazing, x