In which we discuss floating legs

Sometimes, when it's just too hot to actually wear clothes (kiddin'), the best thing to do is disengage your leg from your body, stick a cool sneaker on it, and have it float in a lovely white vacuum. It's chill, ya know. I really was kidding by the way about the not wearing clothes. I have nothing personal against nudists but that is just not for me...now I'm rambling and getting off topic. If this was an essay for school my teacher would have written "FOCUS. LOOP BACK TO CLAIM." in red pen on the margin. But this is a blog and there is no margin so ha. Anyways, more pictures to come soon. They'll come even sooner if one of you volunteers to do my English summer assignment for me? Anybody? Don't worry, I wouldn't if I were you either. Until then, keep on enjoying your last licks of summer, or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere. 

p.s.- I don't have an explanation for why my leg looks so orangey in the photo so don't ask, though you're probably polite and weren't planning on asking anyways. Ok bye!

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