So by now you may all be wondering, "It's fashion month, why has Hannah not yet addressed it? Where are the show recaps? The rants and raves?" well, maybe you aren't wondering that, but if you are, I have answers. First of all, don't worry, I still love fashion, style, the industry, Leandra Medine, everything. Secondly, I purely chose not to do show recaps for the simple reason that, well, every other fashion blog on the planet was? At least for me, every post in my Bloglovin'(all hail) feed the past couple weeks has been show recaps. Not to say that it doesn't EXCITE ME BEYOND BELIEF, just that I figured you didn't need another one, that's all. Thirdly, I happen to be in high school. I'm guessing all of you were once. I'm also guessing all of you were teenagers once or still are like me. In that case, you know that teens have a lot of crap going on, that gets in the way of other more fun crap. Like blogging. Anyways, with a tip of my knit-veil Jil Sander hat, here is my compilation of all my favorite street-style snaps from New York fashion week. Enjoy, mo' suckas. 

All photos from Fashionologie.

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