No Rules

I made this set on trusty Polyvore, which I love so dearly. Here I created two very different Fall outfits using all of the same pieces yet I switched up the bottoms because yolo no rules in fashion. However, I am pretty excited about how I just took the peplum to the next level there. I haven't seen anyone do a DOUBLE PEPLUM yet so kudos to me. And yes, that called for all caps. Sorry if my writing is sub-par and not as witty (wow I just complimented myself! I'm so lame!)as it usually is, I had to write an in-class essay today so currently the English language is making me shiver. I'm shivering right now. Okay, I have to go finish my homework right now...but if you're interested in where these items are from, check out my polyvore profile page (and follow me?) and it will tell you there. 

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  1. I LOVE those bracelets. And I enjoy the leather vest thing but I don't know if I could pull it off.


  2. love that beanie and the tee! thank you for your lovely comment, x