I'm not positive if this is taking it too far, (but the fashion industry is notorious for taking it too far anyways so who gives a crap) yet as I was looking at a photograph of my all time favorite writer yesterday, I came to the realization that, yes, I could take fashion cues from him, as well as general "I want to be you" cues as well. 

If you couldn't guess by the title of this post, yes, my favorite writer is Oscar Wilde. If he were present today I would probably be in love with him, we are soul-mates after all. Let's just dissect this for a minute though...Seriously, a fur collared coat not unlike a certain Acne one in circulation right now, velvet, layers on layers, not to mention the ubiquitous center part with unkempt "french hair" that so many people have been trying to achieve lately. 

Are we actually having a throwback to late 1800's mens fashion? I know that the fashion world is known (notice I didn't say "praised"...I'm still having issues with the Celine birkenstocks...)for bringing back quirks from decades past, but am I stretching this connection or is it true. As I mentioned in this post, I feel like many things in the industry are simply nods to other things. Again, I ask you the question, how long can this go on before it gets out of hand? Does the fact that we are bringing back newly refurbished birkenstocks and trends over a century old mean that innovation is done for, or is this what innovation has come to? 

So many questions, so little time, almost no answers.  
You are going to give me answers. 
Comment, email, tumblr-ask, instagram me with your opinions

There's nothing I love starting more than a good discussion. 

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