Done. Finito. I have toiled at my desk for the past two weeks and now, it has paid off. Now this means two things...1.) I do not have an excuse to not post often. 2.) I am in an incredibly happy mood. So, so happy. Now to really prove to you how happy I am, I put together a little mashup of bright stuff. Random outfits revolving around that super-cool sweater with bananas on it. I like bananas, therefore I like that sweater. Chain Rule of Geometry am I correct? Anyways...here it is...

 Twelve possible outfits out of these pieces. However, just to give you a head start here's how I would style it in two ways:
1.) Markus Lupfer sweater over plaid shirt with leather shorts, socks, booties and Dannijo jewelry.
2.) Same sweater with cropped fur coat over it, polka dot trousers, flats, and same jewelry.
Now I hope you realize that I'm not telling you to go out and get these exact things to pull of this look. Seriously, I don't even do that...it ruins all the fun. This is supposed to inspire you. Inspire you to say: "Hey! That looks cool! Time to run out to H&M and Topshop to find something similar!" Actually don't say it like that or you'll sound like a dork. But you get the idea. It's better to just be inspired so that you can get more creative with it and make it your own. Got it? Thats your daily dose of teen wisdom folks. Now run wild and free! I'm going out to lunch to celebrate the end of midterms. Oh, and Happy Friday! Peace out. 


Waiting and waiting and waiting and I'm going to stop now.

If you couldn't tell from the title of this post. I am waiting.
Waiting for what?
Tell me Style-server I am just dying to know! 
Yeah! Tell us, tell!
Well, only because you asked...I am waiting for a few things at zee moment....
A.) For midterms to be OVER. Forever. And this kid means it. 
B.) For my social life to come back...(caused by letter A.)
B-a.) For...Spring! Summer! Warm weather! What have you! 
I hope you are happy now, I mean, I wouldn't want you to be unhappy. I would never wish unhappiness unto another person. Except for my teachers. But that is a much different story my dear friends. A much different story. 
Anyways, Spring is still way, way out in the distance just as my mind is way, way out in the sea. (You can tell I have been listening to too much Pixies music lately...) But alas, that doesn't mean I can't dream about Spring, or Summer, and the Maison Scotch lookbook is definitely helping me with that. I first saw the lookbook on Refinery 29 and let me tell you, those tie-dye shorts will be mine. Probably not. But wasn't I just talking about dreaming? 
Here are my favorites....

Sequined mini skirt? Yes ma'am.

Toms! She's wearing Toms! Just kidding she's not. But that jacket is migh-ty fine.

Now those would be the shorts I was chattering about. This woman also has elf feet. 

I don't really have anything witty to say about this one. I just like it. A lot. 

Okay this is like an old man and woman on vacation . You have your Hawaiian print shirt (man), and your old lady sandals or whatever you call them. Quality outfit right there. 

This crap is just the best. Everything about it is just like one big A+. The pants and shoes win. Enough said. Actually I need to keep ranting. And just look. That chick knows she's cool. She just knows. Hands in pockets, smirk on face, sunglasses on, heel down, stinky toes to the sky. I mean you have to assume her toes are stinky. The woman isn't wearing socks. It's okay though. No one is perfect. 

So there ya have it folks. Hope that made you want Spring and was inspiring. And I also hope that the whole stinky toes thing at the end didn't ruin the whole thing. Now we just have some waiting to do...a la the post title. Now I have to study. High school stinks. Like the woman's toes. Enough with the toes already, Hannah! My bad. But wear socks next time. Okay now I really have to go study. 

Peace out, cub scout. 



If you have been following this old blog at all, you know by now my freakish obsession love for The Man Repeller. She's da best. Anyway...I've always been one of those "million bracelets on each wrist can't believe my hands aren't numb" kind of people, so when she came up with the term Armparty in that genius noggin of hers...I was more than pleased. Ampartying is my favorite pastime. I do it more than I really party. Anyone free this weekend? Kidding. Just kidding.

Soooo back to the point. Here is todays armparty, it's colorful and bright to bring a light spot to todays nasty weather. Nasty I tell ye! Me old bones are a' creakin'! Imagine me saying that with a geriatric sort of voice. Preferably an old curmudgeonly man. I'm clearly loosing it therefore better go. Peace out cub scout!

*Disclaimer- In case you are lost, armparties and old men have nothing to do with each other. Just, ya know, me being me. And don't ask about the title.


Gettin' Crafty, Yo.

It's the weekend so lets all give a big hallelujah. I'm actually jumping on my kitchen counters for joy...the feeling of having time to procrastinate is the best. This picture is super old but hey, why not? Nothing like bringing back the good old days. Such as summer. Actually, my favorite season is fall. But all's well that ends well, right? 

Ahh summertime. Freedom...swimming...relaxation...suffocating wrists with too-tight bracelets...you know...the classics. That crap is priceless. However, back to the point of this post. The bead bracelets were created by the one and only moi. So lets just peek at that skill before leaving. And admire...admire...admire...Okay finito. I think that means finish in Spanish? As you can see I take French. Goodbye for now, early bedtime...I'm going skiing tomorrow! 


Fringe Benefit.

It seems that everyone has been on a fringe craze lately, and I think I am catching it. At first I was skeptical...fringe is for cheesy Minnetonka...if you catch my drift. However, when I saw Lanvin's Resort 2012 collection, I changed my mind. Fringe is cool. Cooler than cool. So, I found a way to make it my own. Now, this set only applies to me in a world where money grows on trees. I would die for those boots. But anyways have a looky...

gold top- Topshop
denim jacket- Alexander Wang
hat- Stella McCartney
ring- Topshop
boots- Alexander McQueen
skirt- MICHAEL Michael Kors
leather pants- RAG & BONE
As I mentioned before, this is a dream outfit. Burgundy leather pants with the skirt worn over, followed by the top, jacket, hat, ring, and finally the boots I will buy if I ever become a millionaire. I feel like winter has been taking a toll on me lately, all I've been wanting to clothe thyself with is dark, moody colors and accessories that could injure someone if poked the right way. Why don't you scroll up and take one last look at the beauty of these items (bootsbootsboots)...and picture them on moi. Perfection. Referring to both me and the clothes. Just kidding. Let me know if you likey likey this kind of post. Then I'll know whether to do more in the future...or attempt to get together with my friend/photographer and do more outfit posts (which I'm going to try anyway!). Happy Weekend People! 

p.s.- My shoe size is 8 in case any of you are feeling generous(;


Just in Time.

Happy New Year everyone! I arrived home from Dublin yesterday (more to come on my trip another time!) just in time for the New Year. I think one of my resolutions is going to be to post on this here blog more regularly. I mean, I think we can all agree that when it comes to posting I'm beyond sporadic which in this case means all my little readers out there (which number close to zero) are closing their browsers in disappointment. Trust me. I wish this was my full-time job. But unfortunately, I still have lots of school to get through. Woohoo. Anyways, I may not have photographs for you just yet (my camera cord is M.I.A.) but I do have some drawings to share. Art in any form (including fashion) is a real passion of mine, and drawing has always been something I love to do. Another part of my New Years resolution is to draw more, so I am hoping that sharing my drawings here will help me get more motivated to make time for it. Okay you are probably getting bored now...do not close thy web browser! Here they are...

So here we are. Number 1 is pretty much a dream outfit of mine. Anyone know if a shirt like that exists? If so just let me know. Wow that rhymed, I'm such a jokester. Number 2 is...I don't know...do I really need to go into detail about each one? Oh and make sure to note my attempt at the Proenza Schouler bag. If I added colour it might have ended up better. Finally, Number 3 was inspired by my trip to Dublin. While I was there there were some big horse races going on so I guess you could say that I was jockey-inspired? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these and have a Happy New Year Freakos*!

*bringing back 4th grade nicknames heck yeah 

p.s.- I own those drawings. Copyrighted by me. If you are going to use them for anything give me credit and link back to this here blog!