A Moral Lesson Piggybacking on a Belt

Because my scanner isn't working, the post I had originally planned for today must wait. But alas, as implied in the title, a moral lesson has come out of this mishap and is about to be delivered to you. Now I am not a preacher, and being a teenager, I am definitely not always an angel, but I do have occasional Ah-ha moments. And today I had one. Today I was reading The Man Repeller as I always do because I am obsessed with it and worship Leandra always find some great inspiration, as well as some good laughs on that site, and was struck by her post featuring an Hermes bracelet that she continued to wear and use in not one, but four interesting ways. (A bracelet, anklet, choker, and belt). Now, obviously I can't afford one of those bad boys being a young'un and all, but I did really like the whole idea of it. So, I set forth to find a solution, either wash cars and babysit for the next two months straight or...use something else instead. I chose the latter, and went digging around in my closet (which I just cleaned out and organized yesterday by the way) and came up with a skinny brown belt. I sat down and wrapped it around my wrist several times and...bada-bing bada-boom, I had myself a wrap bracelet. Here are some pictures...

So, there it is. Not really that interesting, I'll admit, but I was still proud of myself for this little innovation of mine.

I title this one "Look Casual: The Arm Edition". 

This is just incase you were interested about what was happening on my opposite appendage. My usual arm party. The cool silver knot bracelet was my moms from when she was little.

And...the mandatory close-up. Well, isn't that nice. I'm not sure why my skin is so tan looking, really, I'm not tan. 
However, on to more important things. I did promise you a moral lesson, didn't I? Don't expect to feel an unprecedented enlightenment. For today I truly realized that as a person, you can't always control everything, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. My scanner was a no-go. I read The Man Repeller. I had an idea. A chain reaction of sorts that ended up being beneficial to the both of us I think. I get the satisfaction of another post while you get some nice pictures. 

I have to go do my homework now...

Oh, and one last thing...I really, really, REALLY need a new banner. If anyone has any good ideas of how to make one...just drop me a comment and let me know.

Okay love you all bye.


Hannah: An Eponymous Stream of Conciousness

I guess I have a few things to straighten out with you guys. I know, I know, I said that after midterms I would start posting more regularly and such (I believe that was also my new years resolution). But instead what ended up happening is that I practically took February off. My bad. No excuses. I'm assuming that saying "I will start posting more" at this point is not as convincing as it once was, if it is even convincing at all. However, I truly mean it. The blog might be going in a bit of a different direction now than I had once planned, but isn't that the whole point of blogging? That you are your own editor? That you can control your own content and do what you will with it? Anyways, for tomorrow I have quite a funny post planned (it involves some writing I did in sixth grade), but until then, I will leave you with my tumblr. I just created it mostly because hey, I am a sassy adolescent teenager and it seems that every teenager has a tumblr these days, but also because I figured it was a good way to collect inspiration. It is mainly fashion based (of course) but also contains any images I find inspirational or just plain beautiful. Though I am by no means a photographer, I can recognize a well composed image when I see one...so go crazy people. 

p.s.-I am getting a hair cut on Thursday...any ideas? My hair is such a mess at the moment that I practically have dreadlocks, but not really. I just happened to have been born with unearthly thick and unruly wavy hair. Maybe I will share a photograph if I feel like it...But please, ideas, people! Ideas!

p.p.s.- My tumblr is untitled because for some reason it won't let me go back and edit the appearance...if you know how to fix this please comment below!

Okay bye guys...if anyone is reading this.