All Day Everyday

...but not really. That would be atrocious, people, atrocious. However, this is, in fact, an ideal outfit for spring and seems to be turning into some kind of uniform for me. I keep finding myself in some variation of this outfit and I'm really not sure what is so appealing about it. Is it because the shorts are so adequately worn in? My vest is a perfect shade of military green? The world may never know...anyways I artistically arranged it for all of you to see so I hope you enjoy it to the degree that I do.

Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Vest: Forever 21
Necklace: Brandy Melville
Sunglasses: Sidewalk Stand
Another pro of this outfit is that my sunglasses contain a minute version of the New York subway map so if I ever get lost, I'm in luck. I don't remember unfortunately where I got the purple top...sorry folks. Nice postin' to you, I have to go finish my math homework. 

Catch ya on the flipside, homies. 



Just wanted to let everyone know that if you can't find me this spring. I will be the girl in this dress...Or so I hope. 
Okay I have to go study for my History Exam tomorrow. Wish me luck, people. I would much rather be writing a long post to you guys. Ta-ta. 

Also, if you were wondering...this dress is from Mikkat Market


A Half-Teaspoon of Spring

Spring is already almost upon us whether we are happy about this or not (I am, personally, but it is really all a matter of taste). Though I am excited for the warm weather, flowers, all the little animals coming out of their dens, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda, the best part for people like us is obviously the new dressing options that arise as the temperature does. Tank tops without sweaters. Skirts without tights. Shoes without socks (kidding! I love socks and sandals!). Pants without underwear (again, joking, but not really. joking about not joking. it's inception.) I think you all catch my drift. So, to get us all excited for Momma Nature to come alive again, I put together a little outfit inspiration of what I will be wearing this spring. Enjoy, but not too much. 
So there it is. A small dose of Spring, right here, right now. My style refuses to allow itself to be classified by any one label in particular and I believe this selection showcases that kind of chameleon-ness. Knee-length graphic floral pencil skirt with mini leather skirt serving as a makeshift peplum while up on top a loose-fitting white tee and washed denim vest. Shoes are Dr. Martens, as I just ordered this exact pair (and actually built this outfit around them) and accessories are the usual. The MR. Dannijo Salvador necklace that alas, tugs at my heartstrings. A cool collar from ASOS that I may have to purchase for myself and some funky bracelets also make the cut. I particularly like those little skull guys hanging out up there. Anyways, there you have it, what I will be (hopefully) wearing this spring. Thats all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed. Dropping a comment or any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated. Goodnight!