Today someone told me I have a great "sense of style". Of course, for me, that was one of the highest compliments I could receive, and yet, it occurred to me how strange that saying was. Style is not something you have a sense in. At least to me, I believe you either have it or you don't. This sounds harsh, but if you think about it, style is really something that comes from within. Something that you are born with. And something that will continue to develop and change throughout your whole life. Now, this doesn't mean a person could go through a period where said person lacks inspiration, yet still, even during a period like that, style doesn't simply vanish. Coco Chanel was a woman who knew what she was talking about: "Fashion fades, only style remains the same." That is wisdom, people. Anyways, I was reading the Oyster Magazine website, and came across a certain editorial. This said editorial made me think of that particular Chanel quote, was it simply fashion? Or real style? So here it is...

So, fashion? Or style? Also, which is your favorite? I'm just dying to know. #nobutreally Oh, and have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Pinner the Winner

I'm now on Pinterest guys! It's amazing and I've already become addicted. So follow me! HERE is my page, enjoy. On a different note, as you probably know, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, aka, summer kick-off. Memorial Day is comforting because it stands as a signal that I have only about two weeks of school left! Hashtag peeing, as the kids say. Anyways, thats a wrap...go check out my pins, have fun, get lost, not all who wander are lost, bleep blop bloop, any other cheesy cliches that come to mind, feel free to add in. I'm working on a summer inspiration post in keeping with Memorial Day...so stay tuned, ya goons. 

ex-oh-ex-oh gossip girl.

Oh wait, one more thing...

This, I love. Anyone know where the shirt is from? If you tell me, I'll love you forever, even though I most likely can't afford it...However, knowledge is key, as the kids say once again. 


Theoretical Prom

This past weekend was Junior Prom at my school, and while I'm not a Junior, I still witnessed the fashion of the event through facebook, and was slightly disturbed by what I saw, who knows what Senior Prom will look like in a couple of weeks...Think, sequins and puff and general hooker-gear, just blah blah blah. The usual. I got into a discussion with my friends yesterday about it and discovered we had very different opinions. Mine was shot down unfortunately, but I still stand by it. It happened a little something like this...I announced, "When I go to prom, I'm not going to wear a prom dress." This was met by laughing and "What will you wear then?" My reply was, "I'm not sure exactly, but something that represents me. You know, something actually stylish." Even though none of them went to prom, they seemed to take offense at this, and thus, the challenge began. They don't even know I have this blog, but maybe someday, they will read this post and see what I meant. See what I see when I think of "appropriate prom gear". So here are some outfits I would wear to prom, if I ever get asked that is when the time comes...and of course, these are theoretical. 

A Theyskens Theory Jacket over an Alexander McQueen dress paired with Margiela boots and an Alexander Wang satchel. My kind of prom. Of course you could always lose the jacket if thats too much, which I understand. All can be found on Net-A-Porter. Of course, I don't expect anyone to be able to afford such things...but this is mainly to serve as inspiration/daydream material! Possibly even some DIY fuel? Lastly, here's another kind of outfit, if you're a risk taking kind of person...

Behold, numero dos. Way more bright, channeling the sun kind of thing. The skirt is Creatures of the Wind, top is Versace, Isabel Marant Sandals and an Alaia clutch. Again, theoretical, for inspirational purposes only. By the way, the skirt would be preferably worn high waisted to compensate for the cropped nature of the top, just saying. Anyways, tell me, number one or two? Which is your favorite? I'm dying to know your opinions! 

For now I'm off to sleep...it's been a long, long day...


From the 'Gram

If you don't already have an instagram, I strongly advise you to get one. And, if you don't know what instagram is, well, hold on, I'll tell you right after I pass out. Point is, I am addicted, and proud, and the best part is that I'm not alone. So here, I compiled a sampling of some of my pictures, as well as a list of instagrammers you should be following (aside from me of course!). 

And this is just a snippet...
As you can see, it's filled with my daily endeavors, not just fashion fashion bloop dee blah. So follow me, if you love me, at @hsmurphs. 

I know I also told you that, aside from me, I would comprise a list of some of my favorite fashion-based instagram accounts: 

1. Leandra "The Man Repeller Medine" for sneak peaks into her daily sartorial experiments. She is my favorite blogger of all time and I wish she was my friend so so so much. Her instagram will make you wish that as well, trust me.  

Follow her: @manrepeller

2. Jessica Stein of the Aussie blog "Tuula Vintage" for stunning photos of not only clothes, but some pretty delicious looking treats as well! 

Follow her: @tuulavintage

3. Alexa Chung, because, ya know, it's Alexa Chung. 

Follow her: @chungalexa

4. Alexandra Spencer from "4th and Bleeker". She is just so cool, and there is no other way to describe her. Oh wait, except for maybe drop-dead gorgeous. 

Follow her: @4thandbleeker

5. I follow the Dannijo trio of accounts. Danielle and Jodie's respective personal ones, and the actual Dannjo account. Mostly because they have rad pictures, and as well as being the brains behind my favorite jewelry company, they also have a pretty awesome sense of style as well. 

Follow these: @danielleasnyder @dannijo @jodielynns

Those are my top five favorites. Though there are so many more it would take me about a trillion billion years to list them all! If you go to my instagram profile and tap "following" you'll see the rest of the peeps I follow. Anyways, hit up the 'gram, get sucked in, and have fun with it. One last tidbit of unapologetic self-promotion: @hsmurphs. 

Have a nice night!


The Epitome of Cool

I've always wondered, who is it that decides what's cool, and what isn't. It seems the cool people are unaware of their evident level of cool, and the uncool people are aware of their level of cool, a level which doesn't exist. This year, me being in high school and all, "cool" has been something that's been coming up over and over again, in positive, but most of the time negative ways. Yet still, I don't have an answer. Since when is it "cool to be cool", and who decided that anyways? Clearly, I need answers. Discuss in the comments, if you will. But right now, I need some dessert. And so, I leave you with this little guy I saw in Topshop over the the weekend...

Dog-sneakers, one thing that I know, for sure, is cool.


Speaking Of...

While we are on the subject of jewelry (remember my post on the earrings?) I looked down today and for a moment, thought I was trapped. The reason for this scare was the copious amounts of necklaces I was/am wearing. Bling bling, yo. So here is my "neck party" as well as the outfit that accompanied it. Taken with my phone by the way...

The rose necklace was my mom's, the tree one I got as a gift last year, and the excessively long chain I got at Urban Outfitters. Altogether, they are quite the crew. 

 As for what I'm wearing, burgundy high waisted pants, my beloved gold vans, and a plain cream tee shirt. Keeping it simple. Sorry for the lack of posts this past week by the way. I'm trying! 

peace out cub scout.


Just listen.

Just listen, they said. That's all you have to do here, now, whenever. No reading necessary! Just listening. Because I'm sharing with you a song that I've been kind of addicted to for the past few days. By addicted I mean, on repeat all the time. Mornin' Noon n' Night. Enjoy...


Also, isn't the singer a bit of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike? Maybe it's just me, considering my friend thought I was half insane when I asked her if she thought so. 



Old Faithful

 Less than 20 days of actual school classes left! Can you all just give me virtual high fives? I shouldn't get too excited though, these will be the longest 20 days of the year. Moving painfully slow as per typical school fashion. Ha fashion. Anyways, it is during this time, that I always get slightly lazy, sartorial-wise. And so, every year I always find my self going back to the old standbys, stuff that I know will look good even if I have five minutes to throw an outfit together in the morning, with absolutely no time to get creative as I usually like to. But, on to the point of this post, for at it's heart, this post is about one pair of earrings that I got for two dollars a long time ago. They add a little sumthin' sumthin' edge to anything and everything I wear, making them a necessity during this time of year. Hence, I call them Old Faithful. 

Ignore the wild wisps of hair that I've given up on controlling. I'm sorry if my abnormally small ears offend you. I offend myself. Blahblahblah. Anyways, they are simple as can be, and go with everything. Considering I wear them everyday, I thought I ought to feature them. Old Faithful bringing it in. Originally, this post was going to end here, but then this morning I took this picture of my shadow, and look who snuck into it! My good friends, Chuck and Taylor. Another one of my favorites that I know I can always count on.

Hi Chuck. Hi Taylor. This is quite a quality photo if I do say myself. You can tell what time it was because of the shortness of my shadow. I have to go finish an art assignment now for a summer program I'm doing. By the way, go outside today, it's practically summer. Motha nature loves us. 

Peace out cub scouts. 


If the Internet was my Closet...

A girl can dream right? Right? Right? I guess just because someone can do something doesn't mean they should, but that's another conversation entirely. I personally, am one-hundred percent for dreaming, in case you were wondering. Aldous Huxley said "Dream in a pragmatic way". Well, if we are talking pragmatic in the sense of practicality, I believe clothing is very practical. Don't even try to argue nudist colonies with me. Anyways, here's my mash-up of dreams, if you're still with me. This would be an outfit to help deal with the temperamental behavior of good old mother nature. Cue, artfully arranged items:

Acne jacket and tee
Dannijo Loolee necklace
Pamela Love skull necklace
Marc Jacobs bow ring
Dannijo Beatrix ring
Versus jeans
Carven sandals
via net-a-porter and dannijo
There you have it. My dreams. #butnotreally. Thank goodness, I have much greater dreams for myself than this, but you get the point. I'm not exactly sure what the "Do it Better" is referring to, however. If you know, share your knowledge. I'm guessing movie reference? Probably not. This monologue has gone too far. Anyways, todays session of "If the Internet was my Closet" has come to a close. 

Sweet dreams. 


Sunday Report

I thought I'd share some of the things that are making me smile at the moment, it's the small things that count anyways, right? So I thought and I thought, and came up with this list of things...

1. What I'm Reading...

It's just so good. Creepy and disturbing, but. so. good. 

2. What I'm Listening To...

A weird mix, I know. But this is pretty much all I have been listening to for about two weeks straight. Favorite songs from each album would have to be: "Apply" by Glasser, "Born to Die" by Lana del Rey, and I can't pick one from Jimi Hendrix! Maybe it would be "The Wind Cries Mary" or "Fire". I don't know what I'd do without music sometimes!


Okay, you got me. This has nothing to do with anything but I saw this picture on tumblr and they just looked so good I had to share. If I don't make these soon I might cry.

*4. I also have a major appreciation of Chai Tea, Kleenex tissues, and reruns of The Big Theory at the moment due to my cold...

There you have it. Stuff I like right now. Also, Net-a-Porter, please stop taunting me! I might have to do an "If the Internet was my Closet" post soon. Unfortunately for now, it's homework time. 

Peace out cub scout.


A Round-up of Shorts

Ha. Ha. I laugh at my own jokes. But do you get it? If not, you need to work on your pun-receptors people, a quarter of my wit is comprised of them. Blah blah bleep blop. Anyways...I have one pair of shorts that still fit me from last summer. One. Un. Uno. I'm a growin' gal! So, I decided to do a so called "round-up" of some shorts that I've been looking at for myself, and thought I'd share them with you. Yes, they are affordable. No, not always practical. But who cares? Practical can be defined differently for everyone anyways if you think about it. Just because my intents and purposes demand a different level or kind of practicality than someone else's, doesn't mean that I am automatically impractical, or vise-versa. Anywho... here they are. The list of champions. 
topshop-Multi Coloured Print Running Shorts
Running shorts, but cooler. Watercolor patterns make me so excited. It's hard to see but the ends of the drawstrings have weird little metal beads on them. It's the small things, people. 

urban outfitters-Pins and Needles Lace Tap Short
I've been wanting a pair of shorts like this for a while and these ones looked like they might just do the trick. Knowing me, I will probably sit on something nasty in the lunchroom the first time I wear them but, hey, ya can't always win as they say.

zara-Denim Boyfriend Bermudas in Yellow
Now these, these I am excited for. So many prospects. With a muscle tee, high-tops, motorcycle jacket, and copious amounts of strange jewelry. Say, "Holy Saggy Butt and Tye-Dyed Drop Crotch!" on three. Do you feel offended?

topshop-Moto Black Hotpants
I hereby give thee, practicality. Enjoy. Simple as a dimple. Clean as a spleen. Black as a yak. Frayed as a maid. 

So, there you have it, a roundup of sorts shorts. It's a small herd, but I'm sick and need some sleep. At least tomorrow I'll have some time to work on blogging. I'm feeling a bit of Sunday inspiration. Also, let me know how you would style these shorts! I want the people's voices to be heard! And anyways, I'm always interested to know or looking for new inspiration. Happy Spring!


Just you wait...

Sorry for the mini-absence these past few days. I've been loaded with schoolwork and have barely been able to get anything done! So I figured I'd write you all a little love note to prove that, no, I haven't forgotten about you. Hopefully I can finish up a post I've been working on and put it up tomorrow! Until then, enjoy this picture.

It's so simple but at the same time just...works. I got it off of  THIS amazing blog. 

Now, who's ready for the weekend?