Channeling Sports as Promised

Well, here we are. I know this is super delayed, but hey, as much as I know you sit there in front of that glowing computer screen and wait for me to share my thoughts on life and some photos of interpretive dancing with you, I've also got a whole other set of things I have to attend to. But then again, doesn't everybody? When you have a blog it's almost like having another little world that you've created for yourself and that caters specifically to your interests only. So switching from the world of "sporty-chic is so hot right now" to the world of summer, and being a teen, and eating ice cream and plowing through books like it's nobody's business can get a little bit confusing. Just like everything else in the world. I'm almost one-hundred percent positive I was a philosopher in my past life, by the way. Just saying. Anyways, as I promised yesterday, today we are channeling sports. I think I look like some sort of derelict tennis player, but thats just me. 



Big apologies for failing miserably to post the outfit I was hinting at yesterday. There aren't any excuses except for the fact that I'm a large butthead. I could have used much cruder language there but chose not, for my and your sakes. Anyways, it's coming later "fo-realz" if ya know what I mean (jellybean). Fasten your seatbelts and relax until then. Colonels orders. Okay getting my haircut now...talk to ya again this evening when the long-awaited promised post has been delivered. Peace out home skillet.


Hint, Hint...

Guess, guess, guess...ready GO! Soo...what do ya think the theme of today's post is going to be? No, it is not Isabel Marant, I'll tell you that up front, she just provides a good example of it here. Sorry for the ambiguity, if, ya know, you're not into that sort of thing...


Oh Bohemia

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, that's just the overall vibe coming from these, in my opinion at least. These are of me by the way, in case you were wondering...
Now go enjoy the rest of your weekend, it's beautiful out!


This, I Can Get Behind

While perusing Hanneli's blog a while ago I came across this photo and was especially struck by it for some reason. It's the kind of look that I'm usually drawn to, put together in a way that makes it look like it wasn't, I guess normal people would call that effortless. Anyway, it is most certainly a look I can get behind. So, because I love you all, I scoured the interwebs for a way to recreate this stunner for yourself. Everyone wins, boomshakalaka.

shirt- cut the sleeves off this zara number
skirt- this (it's similar kinda/sorta)
sunglasses- here
fancy-fanny pack- I recommend going to the drugstore and attaching some coin-pouches or mini-sized makeup bags to a thick belt...DIY, anyone?

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Too Cool for School

Jacket & Skirt - Topshop
Shirt - Alexander Wang
Sandals - ASOS
Collar Necklace - Dannijo

Sooo did you miss me yesterday? I missed you. I also wanted to take this moment to let all of you know that I read every comment and that I really am more appreciative of your feedback and time than you could imagine. On that note, let's transition over to what I wish I was wearing right this second. Actually, that's a lie considering I'd really rather be naked right now because of this heat wave. It's the kind of heat that's really heavy and oppressive, that's the closest I can come to describing it at least! So my plan for today is to hide out in the air conditioning. Ah, summertime...

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On Keeping My Word

Here's the rest of that outfit post I alluded to yesterday afternoon. I kept my word, hence the title of this post, and now because of it you get to enjoy some interpretive dance poses and faces that I didn't even know I could make. Any ways, here it is, I'm not sure why my right leg looks so distorted in the first one, but oh well. By the way, a little backstory on these, we (my friend and I) went on a mini road trip to the tiniest, sleepiest little town, that was right on the Hudson. It was hilarious because among all the antique stores and old tavern kind of places, there was an "artisan ice pop" and bubble tea shop, that was anything but old and dated. So thats where the bubble tea is from, that I'm holding, a piece of irrelevant information for you, courtesy of me. As usual. Okay, enjoy!

See what I mean about my right leg? Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

Pulling a Manrepeller pose to show off my armparties. That's the face I was talking about, in case that needed clarification...

Don't worry, thats just a mannequin. But when the woman first opened the trunk of that car, I thought the same as you. Creepiest crap ever. 

Thats just me separating the bubbles from my tea. It's summer vacation, don't judge.



Sneak Peek

A preview of the outfit post to come later today. Photos of me actually wearing these will be up later,(after my camera finishes loading them all!) so check back tonight and I'll have the whole thing up!


Pumped Up Kicks: A Story

Just like most people, I have fallen subject to the sneaker wedge craze. Right when the whole thing started with those glorious Isabel Marant sneakers, I started saving up determined that they would someday be mine. However, by the time I had gathered up enough bucks and had some extra left over, they were sold out. Everywhere. Right after they went on sale they were gone as fast as lightning. If you don't know which sneakers I'm talking about, here's a little collage I made to show you...
Of course, they would have been quite the investment for me, but I calculated everything out and even created over 30 outfits I could wear them with just from things I have in my closet. That is dedication people. However, this clearly didn't work out considering it is impossible to get my hands on them now, so I started on a hunt for some alternatives. Unfortunately though, I didn't have much luck. All of the knock-offs are either weird colors, or the wedge is too high, or they just look generally cheap. Sigh. And yet, I won't give up, so here are the alternatives that I found while browsing, none of which are really that good, except for those ASOS ones...hmmmmm.

Going clockwise from top right: Nike via Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Topshop. I might just have to go for the black ASOS ones. But please, if any of you guys know of anywhere I could possibly get the real deal, either send me an email or drop me a comment! Oh, and because I know the whole sneaker-wedge shenanigans evoke some very mixed feelings with people...please, discuss and tell me what you think. Ready...GO!



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These photos were taken about a week ago, and as you can see from my lack of a head, I took them myself. After I got over the disappointment that they didn't really turn out that well blah blah blah I realized that it was strangely fitting that my head was missing from the frame. Now that school is over my brain is completely turned off, and as we all know, brains are found inside head. So I thought "Eureka! I'm so deep without even meaning to be!" And thus this post was born. 

Can you tell that I'm really into black and white lately? I can. But that was obvious. If you're still reading at this point you should know that what I'm saying right now is barely coherent or related to the topic. Now do you understand what I meant earlier about my mind being off for summer being strangely fitting and all that? I hope so. 

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shorts:zara tank:brandy melville shoes:vans 



Hello MTV and welcome to Acne Resort 2013. In honor of this collection I have invented a new word. Racne. Let me explain. As I was browsing the great bounty of the interwebs, perusing lookbooks, reading yet another blog post on the Margiela x H&M collaboration, I came across the Acne Resort 2013 collection. Diligently, I examined it, and noticed a new trend that starts at the toes with some calf-high sandals that Jesus would probably approve of, and ended with a hat that resembled in some form or another, a piece of millinery that a Rabbi would wear. I call this, Rabbi-chic. It's up to you to decide if the chic part is a fitting adjective to use in the description of this collection, but either way, it has a ring to it so lets just let it be. This is how we come to the conclusion of Racne. Taking cues from both the Bible (cut to sandal-boot hybrid) and modern Rabbi dressing, I used my superior talent at mashing words together to create Racne. I'm going to end this post before my ability to form coherent sentences wears off. So tell me what you think. I'm peer pressuring you. Tell. Tell. 


Rad Dad

Father's Day seems to always get the short end of the stick. Maybe it's because it's shortly after mothers day...but not really, or maybe it's because it comes right at the end of the school year where there is just a plethora of other things going on. Anyways, point is, I think Dads deserve more, more than just a hug, because Dads are rad. Here are a few things that I would consider getting my Dad for Father's Day...

A cool fedora? My Dad is a hat kind of guy which is why I put this on there, besides, camo print is in for fall. If that doesn't fit your fancy, there's always some nice pink striped socks or perhaps some geometric cufflinks? Lastly, concert tickets, my dad loves music, which is probably where I get my love of music from, and he even has his own band. On top of that, even though I may be young, I've come to realize that it's the experiences you have with people that mean the most. If you have any other genius Rad Dad's Day gift ideas...or any other thoughts, feelings, songs...drop a comment as I love hearing from you all! 

By the way...MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL WAS YESTERDAY! Yes, that deserves all caps. Summer vacation is finally here! And with that, have a nice evening/night/whatever it is in your corner of the world!


Eye Candy

Just like I promised, internet is up...for now at least. Anyways, here are some images I've been collecting on my desktop for the past week or so now. There is no correlation between any of them. Just things I like. That's all. It's kind of developed into my secret study trick, just when I think my brain can't handle anymore information being crammed into it, I just look at some pretty pictures. Sounds freaking idiotic silly, I know...but I swear it works! 

All images are from tumblr. However, if you know the correct source, let me know and I'll cite it right up! I do know that one of them (numero five) is from The Manrepeller...

Have a nice night!

Posted: A Notice

My internet is being annoying which is why I've not been able to post for the past few days. Tonight it will be working again I hope. For now, I have two more days of final exams and then I'm done! Thank you all for dealing with the madness, #butreally. Anyways have an amazing Sunday wherever you are, and stay tuned, I've got lots of exciting stuff planned for this here blog!

This is posted from my iphone, so if this looks weird or different, that's why!



There seems to be an espadrille craze going around right now. A craze I tell you. However, just like sneaker wedges and harem pants, this is also a craze I can totally get behind. Not only because they are just fantabuloso cool, but because they are so practical. I don't wear heels being only in high school and all, so any type of flat-shoe shenanigans gets me excited, some may say too excited. Just kidding. Anyways, here are my favorite espadrilles I have rounded up for you all. I have my eyeballs on one of the soludos pairs,just, FYI... 

2. MIA via Urban Outfitters

There you have it, some espadrilleths for you. I've clearly been reading way too much Shakespeare for school. Luckily, I'M DONE ON TUESDAY. Summer vacation hallelujah. I rarely use caps but this particular instance just called for it. Anyways, for you, summer means more regular blog posts, and perhaps some pineapple espadrilles as seen above? You have the freedom to choose, or not. Because, when you think about it for a while, espadrilles(ths) really do look like elf shoes. How fitting. 

p.s.- OH, and what do you think of the first pair...should I get 'em? But I'd love to hear from you anyways!!! Have a good rest of your evening, people.


What's been up?

I apologize five million billion trillion times for my mini-absence. I miss you, do you miss me? I have finals in less than a week (AHHH) and about a million other projects going on, some having to do with this here blog. So get excited. In a week or so I will be able to get back on my normal posting schedule and can't wait, but until then, it will most likely be sporadic. But I try, I try. I thought it would be only fair to give you guys a peek into what's been up in my life this past week, as well as just some other things I find inspiring. So maybe this post would be better classified as personal inspiration, though usually I digress from labeling things in the first place. But more on that later. Anyways, here's what's been going on, oh, and all photos are taken by moi...

A glimpse of my sneaker obsession. I'm so sporty-chic. A pair of Supergas is on my wishlist. Superga? Can you hear me? 

My highly organized closet. You should be on the floor laughing right now because that is clearly a lie. 

I call this, organized chaos, which is really what I call most of my room anyways. It's like some large animal took a dump consisting of beads, ropes, metal feathers, and silver skulls. You know, the works. Did I just really poop-talk on my blog? 

A necklace I made out of two cords and a gold chain. Perhaps I shall feature it properly in a post sometime...

Hazy, warm, muggy, summery mornings. Mosquito bites abound. 

My new favorite sunglasses. Five bucks at a street stand. What fortune.  

Lace shorts from Zara that I have been living in. Surprisingly, they aren't dirty yet. Yet. 

Last but not least, if you're looking for a fun summer read, this is the book for you! Just kidding. KIDDING. This is book is killin' me I tell you. And I'm taking the test tomorrow. If I don't make it, I love you all. Kidding again. I'm in such a weird mood today, must be the pre-test jitters mixed with the coffee ice-cream I just consumed (I ate it too fast to snap a picture #sorryimnotsorry). Anyways, happy weekend, happy summer, happy finals week(s) if you're in high school like me! And thus, I end this check-in session. Follow my instagram (hsmurphs) for daily updates! 

Love you all.