Hey, Hey

Today, it was extremely hot, and I am extremely jet-lagged, so forgive me if my sentences are incoherent. I spent the last three weeks in Ireland as a matter of fact, which you would know if you followed my instagram #shamelessplug. I did an art program there,  where I had loads of fun (I'm still a teen after all!) and filled my brain with tons of new techniques. Since I've always loved art and have always considered myself an artist I figure that now it will become a substantial part of this blog just as much as fashion is. When it all boils down to it, isn't pure fashion design a kind of art form as well? That's just my opinion. But anyways, I just wanted to give a heads up as this blog is a reflection of myself and it will continue to change with me. Not drastically or anything, just slowly. I'm thinking more outfit posts so you should get pumped. Oh and this is just what I wore while lounging around today. Cool and simple.



And it continues...

Hey Dakota, ya look good. #jussayin Seriously though, a plethora of ways to rock sneaker wedges, my sick obsession. Well it's neither sick nor an obsession, because in the grand scheme of life it isn't worth it to spend your time thinking about all the things you don't have. At least that's how I feel. I'm not a perfect person though by any means! Anyway, there's an inspiration/how to rock it/philosophy lesson of a post concluded. Love you guys!



These are my three favorite colors for my nails right now. They're not anything fancy like Chanel or Essie, just a no-name brand does the trick in summery yellow, lavender, and robins-egg blue.


Blog Crush

Discovering a blog that makes you jump up and down at your desk and say "Boomshakalakalaka this is the one for me, cowboy!" doesn't happen very often. Oh, that's never happened to you? Touche. cough liar cough. AnYwAy,  a few weeks ago I came across this blog, Mode D'Amour. Her style, her NOSEPIERCING (my mom is letting me get one this summer!), the clean layout...sigh. 'Tis all fantastic. If you already read it, you're cooler than I am, if you don't you're still cooler than I am go read!

all photos are from Mode D'Amour of course.


Summer Beauty, Beauty in the Summertime

When I actually do wear makeup during the summer, this is all it takes. Oh, and bobby pins because humidity is my greatest enemy. 



This is a story of a girl who loved studs. And I conclude by saying, I love studs. Thank you very much.  

sandals from zara


Another Summer Collage For You

...and another self-explanatory title! Seriously, I saw those winged sandals and just had to make an outfit post surrounding them. Not to mention they're metallic! Just in case, you know, nobody noticed the fact that you have wings on your feet. It's casual. 

shirt - T by Alexander Wang
shorts - Ksubi
bra - The lake and stars
clutch - chloe
sandals - Ancient Greek Sandals


Take a guess...

Hey people! Take a guess at where I am right now! It's like playing "Where's Waldo", but not...


The Frenzy

Today, I joined the frenzy. The tie-dye denim frenzy if you want to get specific with me, if you want to remain ambiguous you can just leave now. Anyways, I hopped on the bandwagon as you can see, which was definitely a good idea. Sometimes I'm a little apprehensive about trying stuff out that everyone else has already gotten to, (not to sound like a poop) but I guess it's all about how you make it your own that justifies it. Maybe "justifies" is the wrong word, no one should have to justify what they wear, right? Well, come to think of it, there are always a few exceptions but I'm not getting into that business right now!  


A Thing

It's safe to say I have a thing for the way Hanne Gaby Odiele styles herself. She's got her stylist A-game on every single time. #funkyfresh

image via wolfcub


Red, White, and Blue All Over: Revisited

Happy 4th of July! Nothing like our good ole 'merica. #jussayin #kinda #thatwassortofalie #frustratedcitizen #enoughhashtags.

Okay, done with hashtags for now.

doo dee da doo doo doo doo doo daa

I'm listening to Peter Bjorn and John...

doo doo doo...if I told you things I did before...then he says something about how he used to be? I really need to learn the rest of the words because this is getting embarrassing...

Anyways, that was a little dose of Americana for you, now get off your bum and catch some fireworks before it's too late, people!


Red, White, and Blue all over

Getting in the 4th o' July spirit, if ya know what I mean. Classico white button down and ripped jean shorts. Not-so-classic winged sunglasses and polka-dot Supergas. Straw hat to top it all off. Big Brother Uncle Sam would approve. 
Check out my page HERE to see where to buy these bad boys.