$er!0u$ Cl@$$

If you can't read the title, that's ok, I'm not offended. I was in the mood for emulating the way trashy gals talk on fah-chay-book and got a little carried away. It's also chock full o' irony because, though the phrase reads "serious class" I think that using forms of punctuation to spell does just the opposite. Anyways, here is Emma Stone exuding serious class in this Interview Magazine editorial that oozes Bladerunner-era coolness.    Oh, and I do not condone smoking in any way shape or form, just FYI if my parents are reading this.


In which we discuss floating legs

Sometimes, when it's just too hot to actually wear clothes (kiddin'), the best thing to do is disengage your leg from your body, stick a cool sneaker on it, and have it float in a lovely white vacuum. It's chill, ya know. I really was kidding by the way about the not wearing clothes. I have nothing personal against nudists but that is just not for me...now I'm rambling and getting off topic. If this was an essay for school my teacher would have written "FOCUS. LOOP BACK TO CLAIM." in red pen on the margin. But this is a blog and there is no margin so ha. Anyways, more pictures to come soon. They'll come even sooner if one of you volunteers to do my English summer assignment for me? Anybody? Don't worry, I wouldn't if I were you either. Until then, keep on enjoying your last licks of summer, or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere. 

p.s.- I don't have an explanation for why my leg looks so orangey in the photo so don't ask, though you're probably polite and weren't planning on asking anyways. Ok bye!



Taking a break from fashion for the day, the xx's single "Angels" is slowly becoming one of my favorite songs of theirs. That's really saying something because, well, I love almost every single one of their songs to begin with. They are such an amazing band...I can't wait to see them in October! It's a perfect soundtrack for this last week of summer before school starts, being so chilled out and all. 


Lottie HALL

images courtesy of Lottie Hall

I stumbled across the blog of this small Australian label and loved this glimpse of their SS13 collection so much that I just had to share it with you. Stumbling upon new and talented designers is always such a pleasure. Go check out the website here and the official blog here!



If you're wondering what WWW could possibly stand for, I'll gladly clarify that it implies wicked witch of the west. Again, if you're wondering what our my favorite Wizard of Oz character could possibly have to do with art, fashion, music, or any of the other random topics I've covered in the past, then look no further. These Tabitha Simmons ankle boots will satisfy your not so needy needs. It's times like these, by the way, that make me think I would do really well at writing ridiculous cheesy commercials for things like shake-weights and plastic bags. Anyways, let me show you what I'm talking about...
If that doesn't evoke evil and darkness I don't know what does. Three buckles, dangerously pointy toe, zipper down the front, I mean, seriously. To me at least, things in fashion always seem to resemble something else, like drawing inspiration doesn't really mean that a person is creating something new, it just means that said person is taking that inspiration and putting it into a new form. That idea might make the whole industry seem a little doomed, if it's all just a recycling of ideas, how much longer can it actually continue (don't get scared I'm talking super long-term here) without repeating itself? In a sense, I guess it already does, what with people throwing back to the 90's, 80's, 70's...Anyways, tell me what you think, I'd love to hear your opinions!


Show on the Road

Sooo I know you're probably wondering where the heck I've been all week, what I've been doing, if I've been practicing my interpretive dancing. Well, hold on before you pee on yourself and other nearby (unfortunate) individuals because I have an answer and a whole new plethora of stories and wisdom. If you've been following my twitter and instagram, then you know very well that I've been out in Wyoming doing things like going to Yellowstone and experiencing my first rodeo (and most likely last only because I live in New York, but don't get me wrong it was awesome in it's own strange way). I saw 2,000 pound buffalo, rode horses,and saw real cowboys rocking real cowboy boots, not the Isabel Marant breed. Now that I've succeeded in confusing you with most likely grammatically incorrect sentences, let's make a rather awkward transition to a very important question. Who here is going to FNO? That's Fashion's Night Out in case you were wondering. I will hopefully be there even though I have school the next day. Not that you actually do anything during the first week of school anyways, but that's beside the point. What's on the point is that I hope you guys go and I hope that if I go I'll see you there! Posting will be back on schedule now. The show is back on the road. 

sketch by me



I hate to say this but...I'm going to Big Sky country for the next week or so! I unfortunately will not be able to post much at all, but since I know you all lurve me, you can follow my trip on my instagram (@hsmurphs)and twitter (@servinupstyle). There will be horses, cowboys, bears, elk, buffalo. You know, all the stuff you see in those "western" themed glossy magazine editorials? But in real life! Delivered to you by yours truly. Yeehaw, partna'!


A moment in which...

I acknowledge the fact that I have not done many personal style posts lately, and for that I'm sorry. In the meantime, here are some pictures that I've hoarded over the course of this week. I know you're all just waiting for me to reveal my beautiful features again #no. The real reason however, is that it's just been so damn hot here in New York. Mostly I've been laying face down over the air conditioning vent in my room while drinking ice tea. Ah summer. Funny how all year we wish and wish for it and then when we're in the thick of it all we hate it more than anything. Okay that's an exaggeration and I'm rambling so I'm going to stop writing now.
Peace out mo' frickas. 

Let's All Agree

Zara, you've done it again. 


Tweet at me

I caved. Twitter was always the one thing I never liked or understood. I guess it was my non-understanding of the idea behind it that led to my fiery hatred of twitter...yet I now have one anyways. I guess I really am a blogger now, there ain't no going back. Anyways, what I'm essentially saying, is that you should follow me because ya know, I am the wittiest of the witty and you won't be disappointed when another 140 character blurb brightens up your day. So, tweet at me, brah.