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First of all, sorry (again) for my lack of posts. School has been crazy and I've been sick and I also happen to have friends (believe it or not!) so really, it's just a huge balancing act as is everything else. Anyways, as you know from my whole spiel in my last post, which I know seems like ages ago now, I held off slightly on the fashion month madness for reasons previously explained. AKA, I'm too lazy to re-write them so you can go look if you want. However, I do think that one thing deserves attention, that is the hype surrounding the Isabel Marant show, which happened today. To start off, the background information is that I love Isabel Marant and the things she has previously done in seasons past (tie dye denim, patchwork, color-block windbreakers...) In fact, I would go so far as to say that she is one of my top 10 favorite designers, purely because of the wearability of her garments and the easy-going aesthetic she constantly maintains. So, there was no reason not to believe that this season would produce the same, right? Right, but it turns out, I'm kind of wrong. The collection was lovely, yet I'm not wowed. I guess there is a limit to the amount of folkloric fashion I can handle. Marant continues to do what she does best, but is it to the point where she is starting to deliver the same thing season after season? Everyone, including me of course, was extremely hyped for the Marant show, so maybe that adds to the let down. But what do y'all think? Am I being too harsh? Or are you as equally unsurprised as I am? 

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So by now you may all be wondering, "It's fashion month, why has Hannah not yet addressed it? Where are the show recaps? The rants and raves?" well, maybe you aren't wondering that, but if you are, I have answers. First of all, don't worry, I still love fashion, style, the industry, Leandra Medine, everything. Secondly, I purely chose not to do show recaps for the simple reason that, well, every other fashion blog on the planet was? At least for me, every post in my Bloglovin'(all hail) feed the past couple weeks has been show recaps. Not to say that it doesn't EXCITE ME BEYOND BELIEF, just that I figured you didn't need another one, that's all. Thirdly, I happen to be in high school. I'm guessing all of you were once. I'm also guessing all of you were teenagers once or still are like me. In that case, you know that teens have a lot of crap going on, that gets in the way of other more fun crap. Like blogging. Anyways, with a tip of my knit-veil Jil Sander hat, here is my compilation of all my favorite street-style snaps from New York fashion week. Enjoy, mo' suckas. 

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Into the Woods

I went on a beautiful little hike in the woods yesterday and brought my camera with me. These are the results! I'm trying to improve my photography skills so if you have any tips or feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Saying hi is fine too! 


No Rules

I made this set on trusty Polyvore, which I love so dearly. Here I created two very different Fall outfits using all of the same pieces yet I switched up the bottoms because yolo no rules in fashion. However, I am pretty excited about how I just took the peplum to the next level there. I haven't seen anyone do a DOUBLE PEPLUM yet so kudos to me. And yes, that called for all caps. Sorry if my writing is sub-par and not as witty (wow I just complimented myself! I'm so lame!)as it usually is, I had to write an in-class essay today so currently the English language is making me shiver. I'm shivering right now. Okay, I have to go finish my homework right now...but if you're interested in where these items are from, check out my polyvore profile page (and follow me?) and it will tell you there. 

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                I seem to be good at taking breaks. 

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To hold you over until I finally finish today's REAL post...
I love Grimes, but this video thoroughly weirds me out, which is a good thing I guess. I think it's the pink-haired girl that does the real damage here, weirdness wise, she gives me nightmares. But, GETTING PAST THAT BIT, it's an amazing song that I've been listening to on repeat and I suggest you do to. 


Back to Cool

It still hasn't sunk in yet that today is the last day of summer. What can you do. Tomorrow will be my first day of my sophomore year of high school, so wish me luck! Now here's an awkward transition for you, I got an email asking about some inspiration for a first day of cool school get-up and the above is what I came up with. Keep in mind...this is inspiration

boots-Burberry Prorsum*

*can be found at Net-A-Porter