Okay, so clearly there has been a huge lack of posts lately, but there always has been so not much of a surprise there. However, what IS different is that I am now the owner of a pair of overalls. Separately, I am also about one thousand times more worn out than I was the last time I posted (took my PSATs last weekend!) Hence, feeling blue and tired. Notice how my walls are blue too, I painted them just for the occasion. Just kidding I obviously didn't not that that was even a question. As of now I'm actually working on writing a short essay for this blog that I'm hoping to have finished in the near future. I think you guys deserve a structured and coherent thought for once... 

tank-urban outfitters



Another photo from yesterday...I guess it's a self portrait. Don't ask why I brought a sweater even though it was seventy-five degrees... I think I'm just ready for summer to be over and fall to start. 

Stuck Here

Being moody and stuff.



Essentially what I'm wearing in my head right now. Clearly I am in full on fall mode. Not complaining. I'm going to regret saying this because this isn't how I normally speak but..."Happy Saturday!" I guess I really am a blogger now? I'm having just a perfect, chilled out weekend, so it seemed fitting. Also might have to do a bit with the mood all the Frank Ocean I've been listening to has put me in... Don't be ashamed if none of this is making sense to you because it barely makes sense to me either. 

If you want to see outfit details...head on over to my polyvore page! 

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Hoopin' It

So, this season Chanel undoubtedly wins the "Best Use of Childhood Toy as Accessory" Award.  Round of applause, everybody. My only complaint is that you can't detach the bag part to use the frame as an actual hula hoop. I mean, that would really drive it's practicality home (that was sarcasm if you couldn't tell, though I'm sure you could because if there is one thing this bag isn't, it is practical). Not saying I wouldn't bust this out in the hallway at school though, seriously, it is big enough for all of my textbooks...technically...