happy first

GUYS THIS BLOG IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY! In honor of that I brought back some of the good ole' memories from the archive. I don't know, I  guess they seem more relevant, as if now that having compiled 12 months of material we (I) actually have something to reminisce at. So here's to many more years of art-related obsession to come. Cheers.

ps - tomorrow is MY birthday!

*photos are mine, you can use them as much as you want, just give me some credit!



I could go on and on about how important it is to me to procure a fantastic sartorial cocktail with each and every outfit I create, however I find myself feeling best in simple thoughtless ones lately. I'm not sure what shift occurred, but the past few months have been essentially ones of dark bottoms, knit hats, big sweaters, and sneakers. I know it's not a new idea, but I've learned that it really is true, when you strip your personal style down to it's purest format, what you have left is subsequently the purest representation of you. Clothing that feels so natural for oneself to wear, it simply becomes a part, filling a space that perhaps you weren't aware was there in the first place. Another thing I recently rediscovered as of late is the addictive factor of Polyvore. Details for this set are there, should you be curious. Also, if you feel extra kind, if you would be so inclined to follow...



Homeless man chic...I approve especially when it involves utilitarian khaki cheetah-print. 

photo credit: Vanessa Jackman


Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Two of the reasons why fall and winter are my favorite seasons, just now I'm realizing I should have photographed the first snow outside too! Again, sorry about the lack of posts, for some reason I've been particularly uninspired lately and I don't want to just post random things with no real significance. Quality over quantity, right? Anyways, hopefully that will change soon as winter gets in and the hurricane madness that ensued last week finally calms down. So, to my fellow Northern Hemisphere people, Happy almost Winter! Stay warm n' cozy.

ps- What do you guys think of the format of this post (photos in particular)?


You've Outdone Yourself This Time

As most of you probably know the east coast has been hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy, fortunately I'm safe and sound, so no need to worry. I'm still without power but have been getting some spotty internet in the past few days, hence, I can assure you now that I haven't abandoned you completely! Tomorrow I'll be sure to publish a proper post but for now I just wanted to give you guys a quick update while I could. 

Also, donate to The American Red Cross to help with relief efforts if you can! There are lots of people who got off this storm ten times worse than me and every little bit counts anyways right?