I'm not positive if this is taking it too far, (but the fashion industry is notorious for taking it too far anyways so who gives a crap) yet as I was looking at a photograph of my all time favorite writer yesterday, I came to the realization that, yes, I could take fashion cues from him, as well as general "I want to be you" cues as well. 

If you couldn't guess by the title of this post, yes, my favorite writer is Oscar Wilde. If he were present today I would probably be in love with him, we are soul-mates after all. Let's just dissect this for a minute though...Seriously, a fur collared coat not unlike a certain Acne one in circulation right now, velvet, layers on layers, not to mention the ubiquitous center part with unkempt "french hair" that so many people have been trying to achieve lately. 

Are we actually having a throwback to late 1800's mens fashion? I know that the fashion world is known (notice I didn't say "praised"...I'm still having issues with the Celine birkenstocks...)for bringing back quirks from decades past, but am I stretching this connection or is it true. As I mentioned in this post, I feel like many things in the industry are simply nods to other things. Again, I ask you the question, how long can this go on before it gets out of hand? Does the fact that we are bringing back newly refurbished birkenstocks and trends over a century old mean that innovation is done for, or is this what innovation has come to? 

So many questions, so little time, almost no answers.  
You are going to give me answers. 
Comment, email, tumblr-ask, instagram me with your opinions

There's nothing I love starting more than a good discussion. 



Remember when it wasn't snowing and I could dress like this? That was rhetorical. I, for one, do. Though I would rather be cold than hot,(my favorite weather is about 55 degrees and cloudy) sometimes I do wish I could soak up some emergency vitamin D. Or fly to Bali or something like that. But, you know, that can't happen everyday. 

ps - Enjoy the face in the first photo. It's patented. 


Happy Holidays

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate today! I hope it's filled with copious amounts of food, family, and friends. I've been enjoying the fact that we have a (brownish) white Christmas here in New York which is super exciting. Anyways...have fun everybody!



Only The xx would be able to take my least favorite Christmas song of all time and make it good. Their cover has been getting mixed reviews since it was released today, and it's definitely not amazing, however, if you have ever heard the Wham! original, this is a pretty astounding feat if you ask me...In general, I also think both Romy and Oliver sound particularly great here. Not that they don't always! Anyways, perfect way to get into the (xx)mas spirit. 

...xx puns are fun.


creative juices

In all honesty, let's face it, I don't always have a model on hand waiting to be dressed, nor do I have a magic clothing rack of all my favorite picks waiting to be used. However, on days when my inner styling creative juices are spilling out, I take to polyvore. Seriously, what's better than an imaginary closet at your disposal with every article of clothing you could possibly imagine in it? Nothing. Except a real one, I guess. 

aymeline valade

I think she has the whole "I don't care" look down pat. Admirable. Very admirable, Aymeline. Also, I mostly just like saying her name, to be perfectly honest with you all. 

images all via tumblr



Honestly, if I could make one brand available in here in the U.S. it would be Weekday. I really feel like there is nothing in the market here quite like it! I'm sure there are many other people out there like me who are more interested in cut and form rather than color, and as far as I know, there are not any affordable stores which cater to that here. However, if you guys know of anywhere that tends to that aesthetic, please let me know! 
Image courtesy of Weekday.



I've been working on this post for about 3 weeks now. Sad I know, but it's been a bit tricky articulating exactly what I want to say here. Getting one's point across over the sea of the internet is not so easy. Yet, I'm not sure if it's some newfound maturity, having just turned 16, or something in the air, but lately all I have been wanting to do is simplify. I have always admired people who dress with ease and confidence in the most minimal way, without being boring, yet never was interested in that aesthetic for myself. Again, I don't know what started it, but minimalism has certainly taken over my current mindset. Now of course, by referring to minimalism, I don't mean the kind of the harshly cut stark-white variety, I mean the basic essence of an outfit, what is left when you strip down enough of the superfluous that what remains is just purely, entirely you. So in a sense, simplicity is relative, what's simple for me, you may think is too bare-boned, or vise-versa. So, for visual content's sake, you could call this my personal simple...

Need I even bother explaining blue jeans and a white tee shirt? Non, merci.

From my polyvore, I have a thing for nike airmax trainers. It isn't going away, but again, those are famous last words regarding fashion trends, truth? Also, note how you, yes you, can make an outer space worthy skirt high school-worthy (which is not very different from outer space in my opinion).

The above photo is from one of my favourite new blog finds, fashionsphere. Her outfits are impeccable, and minimalist, but never boring due to an uncanny ability to contrast forms and play with shape. Two thumbs up.

I told you I liked these nikes. The above is basically what I want to be wearing right now. 

I look this chic while talking on my cell phone. Sometimes. Never. But long black flasher-esque coats are always a yes. Especially with nothing but basics underneath. 

Last but not least, one more polyvore set. Simple as always, with boots that will make you feel like you have a ball and chain tethered to your foot and a coat that will cause you to resemble a ghost who has become sick with the stomach flu and is now pale green, couldn't be more perfect if I do say so myself. Also, Freja is a goddess. We all know it. 

I guess that just about sums it up. All details for products from the sets you can find on my polyvore, and the other photos are from my tumblr and fashionsphere. Have a rad weekend, kids, after all, it is Friday.


Copy Cattin'

When I have an overwhelming amount of writing to do for school and it just so happens to be raining, one can imagine a sudden lack of inspiration in dressing. A lack of inspiration to even bother slathering myself in clothing at all to be honest, yet of course I still do because of the pressures of society blah blah blah...but anyways, on the rare days like today when it comes down wearing clothes not because I genuinely enjoy curating outfits, but because I need to (these days are far and few between), i end up inadvertently emulating people with simple style that I admire. Today that person happened to be Cara Delevingne, cue the motor boots a skinny jeans. More on simple style to come, by the way...