nose antics


I'm not positive if I've mentioned my newly acquired nose piercing on this here blog yet, but yes, I have a hole in my nose now. I love every second of it. It wasn't necessarily a rebellious move, my parents were well aware of my desire and said execution of that desire, however, it still felt rebellious. Not rebellious in terms of doing something wrong, because I never do things wrong, but it was something that I did for myself to further carve out who I am. 

Though when we are born, we are literally born as blobs (almost wrote "blogs" instead of "blobs" this is embarrassing), but I like to see it as figurative as well. Think "spiritual blob" in the least spiritual sense possible. I feel like throughout our lives, as we grow up, everything is about whittling down that blob until you are the most "you" version of, well, you. 

Of course, refining yourself as a being is hard, they don't make a million books and movies with the theme "finding oneself" for nothing. Yet on the outside, defining yourself with little things, a piercing, a haircut, rolling up your sleeves, leaving your boots unbuckled, which angle you wear a hat at, how you carry your bag, I could go on... But the point is, baby steps guys. Little things lead to bigger things and I'll leave it at that. 

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