On Taking Sartorial Responsibility

Looking through old photos, most of us have gone through the trauma of "What the heck was I wearing?" or "EW I can't believe I wore that." Yes, I'm trying to make these comments sound as superficial and ridiculous as possible, because when you boil it down, all this is a mere lack of responsibility. A lack of Sartorial Responsibility. Wardrobe-related regrets plague all of us sometimes but upon reflecting, why do we let them? At the time of the deed it was what you liked, what you felt good in, perhaps it was a flash trend, perhaps not. Bottom line is, why deny what you once enjoyed? What I wear mirrors who I am, for the fashion conscious, dressing is another means of self expression, so by denying what you once liked you are essentially rejecting who you were in the moment you made that choice, rebuffing how you felt or what you liked that day or night. In my (humble) opinion, denying your past or present self is a giant no-no. Be who you are blah blah blah...even the cheesiest of cliches agrees!

This leads me to why I despise classicism in fashion (for now at least, this could change). It's boring. It's "playing it safe". Sure your outfit will look good now, your outfit will look good a decade from now, your outfit will still look good two decades from now. But is that what you really want? Embracing yearly, or even seasonal trends serves as a testament to the quick pace of the fashion world. Our lovely sneakered couture-week attender above is most likely not concerned with looking classic. Sneakers are in this season and next, but what about the season after that? Looking back on this in 20 years, she may laugh or she may still be in love with the ensemble. Either way, at least she's being adventurous, appreciating the creativity and individuality that the designers work so hard to produce.  

Take responsibility people. 

Sartorial Responsibility.

p.s.- I hope this post was coherent enough to follow!

photo from style.com//if you want to use or quote my content, you may, just give homegirl some credit, writing and thinking takes time!

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