i'm having some photo uploading issues at the moment so instead i took pictures OF the pictures on my camera using my trusty iphone. these are just some test shots from fooling around with the settings on my camera, and also debuting my new fake leather jacket. never have I felt so capable of doing anything. people who say clothing is merely frivolous are liars because there is nothing frivolous about putting on a jacket and feeling like you could take on 50 vikings in an arm wrestling match. anyways, i kind of like how these pictures came out all faded with the border and everything. it almost looks like it was taken on a throwaway camera or something. okay, back to AP European History homework. peace out mo'frickas.

ps - just a heads up that midterms are in 2 weeks (already having panic attacks by the way) and you know that testing = busy = less time for blogging = you guys get mad at me. apologies in advance. 

pps - had a dream that i was god cara delevingne last night and was very displeased to wake up and find out that i wasn't. that chick i tell you. style and substance and style. 

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