My go to throw-on outfit, even though these pants are not in the least bit flattering. Minimalist androgyny is what's up, I'm telling you. For about six months now I've been dressing almost solely in black, white, and grey, and I am not getting bored. It's astoundingly easy to make outfits interesting even when they are monochrome by playing with shape and proportion, something that in my opinion makes more of an impact on an outfit than color or print ever could. Minimalism is a movement that I actually find extremely interesting and will definitely be doing more research on. I'll let you know what I come up with...

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  1. where did you get your jacket? and I like your blog by the way follow me! www.flowercakemoon.blogspot.com

    1. My jacket is Nine West I believe. I'm so glad you like my blog!

  2. I'm a huge fan of minimalistic style although I may not always dress very minimalistic I love it more on other people haha. I have a love of black and gold - half of my closet is black. Elin Kling usually gets it very very right with minimalism. Liking your outfit :)

    – Sofie