I'm currently desperate for any kind of warm, sunny weather at all. By warm I mean at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I know, this painful winter has lowered my standards, and I practically worship dark gloomy weather normally. On top of it all, it's supposed to snow tonight. Okay I'm actually ashamed to be talking about the weather on here, IS THIS WHAT IT'S COME TO?!?! No. But yes. Because all I've been doing for the past fifteen minutes is look at my photos from the summer. Cue, le example...

I think this was taken in June (beyond excited to whip out that see-through Theysken's Theory dress again!). However, the good news is that on Friday I will be headed to California for spring break so if any of you have any suggestions of cool things to do, see, shop, hangout, or eat in LA let me know! For now, AP Euro and art homework, even though I'll most likely be sucked into the vortex that is tumblr

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