t h e m e

In the design (womenswear) class I take, we are beginning work on our final project next week and need to base around a theme, whether it's a culture, genre of music, quote, book, or really anything at all. I'm not necessarily sure what mine will be, however I've started collecting some images that inspire me in the meantime. If you can find a common thread between them and tell me so I can make it my theme, I will love you forever...

images via tumblr


  1. Hi Hannah, Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! No, you can live anywhere in the world to join Dalliance! If your interested email dalliancemagazine@gmail.com ! looking forward to hearing from you :) x

  2. ahhh these are awesome... what class is that? i'd absolutely love to take it!

  3. oh ALSO the theme: could be something about exposure vs. inclosure... that's kind of vague but it seems like an intriguing subject matter and it feels like it relates to these pictures(?) like the freedom/vulnerability of being exposed and the protection/restriction of being covered up.

    sorry if that makes no sense haha


    1. Hmmm that's actually a really interesting idea! I'll be pondering that one fo sho...let you know how it goes! Also I take the class at FIT. I highly recommend it if you're willing to make the shlep down there every saturday!!!


  4. how is your blog so beautiful?