france two

This post is entitled France two, though if you are not a consistent reader of this blog you may be confused as upon scrolling down it appears that there is no France one. There was a France one but because I'm challenged in the area of technology upon trying to edit said post (specifically centering and lining up all the photos which I don't understand why they don't do automatically for you) I ended up somehow deleting the whole thing. I got over it but trust me, in the moment I wanted to throw the nearest unbreakable object against a wall.
Anyways, this is the second collection of photos of France from my trip (I still have two more weeks here!) with photos from a melange of places. After my stay in Paris I lived with my aunt for a few days in which we traveled to Normandy and then I took the TGV down to Provence where I'm now staying with my family. Sorry for the sporadic posting!

1. stormy skies over Provence
2. Roman arena in Nimes
3. beach in Normandy

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  1. your blog is wonder-full! so many beautiful things to see