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I should probably be apologize for my prolonged absence from blogging but I've decided that I won't. Not because I want to deny you readers content, but more because as the writer, I needed to sort things out, and think about the direction I actually want this blog to take.
The identity and ideas that this blog was born from didn't seem to fit quite who I am anymore (a lot has changed in the past two years!) so I needed time to refresh myself and think about how I can transform this into something wholly meaningful for readers and for myself.
Maybe it's because today is a rainy day, my favorite, and I find them to be the best days for reflection that I can adapt my findings into coherent sentences, but I finally figured out just what it is that's been missing from here, the thing that would make it feel one hundred percent mine.
Though I started this ultimately as spillover space for my mind, it was focused on fashion, a subject I loved but that most people around me were not willing to talk about simply because they were not as interested in the field as I am. I say "am" because I'm still intrigued by fashion, and think, when done right, it is still one of the most beautiful art forms, yet if I said it was my passion, at least at this moment in time I would be half-lying. This is because the truth is that all art is my passion. All forms of self-expression, whether that be fashion, painting, poetry or film for example, are my passions. In the end, what moves me the most are people; I live to understand them and want to know how and why people do the things they do. Art is just my method of processing.
That is why I needed to change the direction of this blog, because at its core it is for me and of me, as much a reflection of myself as it is an observation and analysis of the world around me, and from this moment on I won't be leaving out any parts of myself.
So, I guess what I'm really trying to say is that this is now a mixed bag. Expect everything, and anything, I can't promise what will interest me or move me on any given day, but I can promise that anything on here from here on out will be honest and true and human.

Thank you.

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  1. thank you for the honesty. i will always love what you bring to this blog.