My go to throw-on outfit, even though these pants are not in the least bit flattering. Minimalist androgyny is what's up, I'm telling you. For about six months now I've been dressing almost solely in black, white, and grey, and I am not getting bored. It's astoundingly easy to make outfits interesting even when they are monochrome by playing with shape and proportion, something that in my opinion makes more of an impact on an outfit than color or print ever could. Minimalism is a movement that I actually find extremely interesting and will definitely be doing more research on. I'll let you know what I come up with...

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If you can decode the title...10 points for you. I just removed the vowels, not that clever, I know, but give me a break because I spent way too long deciding whether or not to keep that y in there for coherency's sake. Anyways, this is one of my favorite street style snaps so far, mostly because the ensemble clearly focuses on structure and form rather than crazy print and color mixing. For a while now, I have been wearing almost nothing but black, white, and gray, and it is photos like this one that further support my conclusion that minimalism is the way to go, ignoring her bright red bag of course. The sharp layers of the skirt in stark white and the crisp (also clearly white) shirt combined with the leather jacket slung over her shoulder create a juxtaposition that was just too good to pass up analyzing. 

ph/tommy ton for style.com

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Playing around with a tripod that I borrowed from the school for a video project but will most likely just be using to shoot things that have absolutely nothing to do with my class. Sorry. At their core, these are essentially just fancy selfies that photographers really like to call "self portraits". Where do we draw the line? All I've been able to formulate as an answer is that a self portrait shows or describes an aspect of a person while a selfie makes no statement, it just presents. Think of a self portrait as a selfie with depth. Now that I've just brought this up I'll be thinking about this all day today...but tell me what you think...



As in, I am back, and these backs are awesome. Now that I've recovered from the flu, posting will be happening once again. With regard to the above photos, I think back details are much more subtle and elegant than front ones. Make 'em look twice, you know?



s a t u r d a y

boots - asoswhite

Perfect calm, quiet Saturday. Complete with mango, new boots, and much needed sleep, not to mention time to finally work on some art I've been abandoning because of being busy with general homework/school/life duties. Music-wise, Grimes, The xx, Burial, and Terranova have been on repeat and I strongly suggest you do the same. On a side note, I hope you like le nouveaux banner. These days I'm becoming more and more slanted towards minimalism, but more on that later. For now, night.