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I decided that I am 100% going to learn how to skateboard this spring. No excuses.


"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." 
      - Oscar Wilde

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humor me

I'm 100% not sorry for the ironic photo booth photo below. I rediscovered a series of these on my computer and after I was done having a crying/laughing fit at the fact that yes, I am a person who would do something like this, realized these explain my life. So they get posted here on le blogolog. Then I started think about how irony is all too prevalent in fashion, which is great for people like me, but for the more serious minded people out there it offers a bit of a predicament: "Is she actually trying?" they say, "Is this a joke?". It isn't a joke, but then again, I'm not trying either. It falls somewhere in between humorous self-deprecation and cynicism. So humor me. 


t h e m e

In the design (womenswear) class I take, we are beginning work on our final project next week and need to base around a theme, whether it's a culture, genre of music, quote, book, or really anything at all. I'm not necessarily sure what mine will be, however I've started collecting some images that inspire me in the meantime. If you can find a common thread between them and tell me so I can make it my theme, I will love you forever...

images via tumblr


shoe q's

The relationship that we have with our shoes is a strange one, though, in terms of things we put on our bodies, one of the most necessary. They protect our feet from perils such as the New York City sidewalk, sharp objects, wet grass, etc, and for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, we could hardly survive without them for 7 months of the year. 

The reasons most of us wear shoes are practical, so then why don't our shoes always feel practical? Of course, these days many designer shoes are essentially sculptural art, but for everyday (and I'm generalizing here) why do we feel the need to totter, limp, and stumble around, when there are other options out there? Most often, it's the shoes that are meant to make us feel most powerful (heels...boots) that cripple us the most, and what is empowering about that? 

Thankfully the sneaker revolution is happening and I hope it lasts for seasons to come because I love them with all my heart. If there isn't one thing that makes me feel important and cool, it's being able to carry myself with the confidence that, no, I won't fall down two flights of stairs at school. In fact, I could run down backwards if I wanted to but not really.

So to conclude (though not entirely because I'm leaving thoughts and responses open to you), the above photographs were taken by moi avec le trusty iphone while on vacation in California, starring my new old school Vans which are, yes, practical, empowering and have already been successfully tested out in the stairwells at school.