For me, there is almost nothing so terrifying as publishing work on the internet. I don't care what it is, a photo, poem, drawing, blog post... as soon as I press the send or publish button I experience a moment of sheer panic realizing that, yes, people will actually be reading and seeing and thinking about something that is a product of my mind. Weird. 

Anyways, I've been thinking about showing some more of my own artwork and poetry on here but I'm worried about a.) copyright issues and b.) general feedback. Of course, nice notes and even some constructive criticism make my day, but I'm sure we all know that some people get a little funky on the internet. In the end though, I most likely will just suck it up and publish. 

Relating to the above photos and the title. This is me at home, homies. I've nothing more to say about that. 



Waiting for summer, France, free days...and also for drivers ed.



Some of my summer things. 

Also letting everyone know that I'm going to be going to France this summer, spending 3 weeks in Paris and then 2 weeks in the South. So if anyone has any suggestions of things to see or do...let me know!




Snap of Tilda Swinton (and my sun thirsty legs) from W Magazine. I can't quite put my finger on it but something about the editorial as a whole really appealed to me. Picture a massive glass of iced matcha green tea next to me and you have what my Sunday looked like...minus the hours of studying for my AP European History exam on Wednesday...



Yesterday as I sat with my mom over a bowl of mint chip ice cream (I know, exciting) I wondered aloud whether I should cut my overalls into shorteralls or not.

I was met with the quiet utterance of snort plus "jees".

What did I expect? Mom, if your reading this, I don't mean this in an angsty way at all. More, it just furthers my trust in the fact that the divide between the way we perceive what we put on our bodies is vast and the resulting chasm between the two sides is almost impassable, depending on how set in the "traditional ways" a person is. 

I'm using overalls as an example just because they spurred this thought but also because they are almost universally thought of as farm attire. For hicks and rednecks only. Epitome of the American midwest before farming became industrialized, and garb of choice for people who I picture wearing John Deere baseball caps upwards of 50 named Herman. 

Now, the picture I probably just painted in your mind is what (we'll call them "person A") thinks. On the near, more common side of the chasm. Person B however, is represented by this photograph: 

Still western inspired, but modern and cool. I'd like to think this woman's name is Lily or Bambi or Stella and that her flat is decorated with succulents and she keeps her clothing on a floating rack by season. And so we have the split between fashion and non-fashion people. I think, realistically, it's important to have people on both sides of the crack. They each need each other, the people who are willing to look ridiculous to the others, and the ones who are willing to make others feel ridiculous. It's all balance really, since there will always be people who cannot comprehend fashion as an art.

I assure you however, that for me, it always will be.