winter vibes

 Some photos I took on the day of the first snow. I must say, now that I have my driver's license, I honestly feel a bit nostalgic for quiet early morning school bus rides. Freedom is completely worth a half hour of silence though. Anyways, I thought these captured the things I like most about winter.

The quiet, the calm, the cold.



People who are talented at many things are often the subject of my hatred. This may seem like a strong statement but to be honest, I'm human, and probably just like you, when faced with intimidation jealousy often rears its ugly head. However, with this "hatred" is also a type of idolization or worhip, and lately the fantastic Ana Kras has been the victim. A Serbian-born designer and photographer, she consistently produces amazing work, and seems (from what I've seen of her studio/living space) to have a beautiful aesthetic pertaining to every aspect of her life. It also doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous and has an impeccable sense of effortless style but I digress...

Pictured below are her lovely hand-strung bon bon lamps:

These have actually inspired me enough that I've now begun drafting a new project that I will tell more about when the time is right... anyways ... equally inspiring are her photographs (I hope you can tell at this point that I am utterly captivated by her entire aesthetic), her are a select few from her ikebana albums, essentially her online photo albums containing a plethora of personal and commercial images, all shot by Ana.

Again, here are a select few:

And the artist herself...

you get the point...

(all photos except the last one courtesy of Ana Kras)