group shot from Charlotte's holiday party
(taken with my new polaroid camera! I'm on the bottom second from left)

nice light

more nice light

(taken by Isabel)
So far, this break has been filled with lots of friends and cold weather and warm sweaters. I have to finish a poem I've been working on for a young artists and writers competition, but aside from that, having no major responsibilities feels pretty great. I hope everyone has been having a fantastic winter holiday and has spectacular New Years plans awaiting them.



cy twombly

Like most other artists I know, I discovered the work of Cy Twombly through the great congregation of virtual stuff that is tumblr. His drawings and paintings are beautifully texturized and interesting to look at on their own, but what really makes it all interesting to me is that he drew from one inspiration for essentially his entire career. Twombly was ever inspired by the Mediterranean classical culture (the Greeks and Romans etc.) as well as the great epic poems that arose from it.
Aside from the art itself though, you have to give Twombly extra cred because it's nearly impossible to associate him with any of the specific major art movements that happened during the twentieth century, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

images via tumblr