rookie time

To be honest I actually really like the amateur feeling photo booth pictures give off. I could dream about acquiring the photographic prowess of 4th and Bleeker for ages, but isn't it important to have not just the subject, but also quality of pictures represent the platform truly? If a blog is just an online projection of one's self, then yeah, it should be kind of amateur looking, I'm still an amateur at most things I do...I'm only seventeen! Regardless of the fact that I have haven't gotten my act together to invest in a tripod and a remote yet, the gritty look is still cool. Very mid-00's Myspace of me. Even though I never had a Myspace. You know, I was like, twelve, when that was a "thing"...


Because New Year's resolutions are decidedly bullshit (I'm telling you right now not to make any), and the void in your brain that is desperate for some sort of change is still hungry, I am about to present to you a certain number of solutions (I haven't thought of them yet and plan to make them up as I go along so I don't know how many there will be) to keep you from being bored. And boring.

1. Doing something stupid is, in fact, an official name for an activity. Though it varies from person to person (and their baseline stupidity level), it is important to take into consideration that this is about pushing yourself. For me, "stupid" never gets me too far because I've got too much common sense and tend to be overly cautious. Just remember drugs are bad, kids. Things that are fun and stupid and won't get you killed include buying ice cream cakes and delivering them to the homes of unsuspecting randoms or friends, running around in the dark with no flashlight, going to a diner past midnight for no reason, and going stair-sledding. The more childish the better.

2. Haircuts! Okay, this is a cliche one, I know, but looking different does make you feel different. Sometimes doing things with a different feeling makes a different. Maybe vibe is more the word I'm looking for. Yes, changing the vibe of your daily life through a small and unbinding physical change. Victory. (ps- more on this later)

3. If you can't bring yourself to do something stupid or put a little change in your life then read about people who do. I promise you a good book will solve 99% of your problems. Right now I'm reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami and I would also recommend Volume 1 of interviews collected from The Paris Review. It has interviews with T.S. Eliot, Didion, Hemingway, and tons of other intelligent and inspiring writers about their work. I've also heard that Alexa Chung's book, It, is stunning.

4. This isn't necessarily exciting or inspiring, but I have been realizing how important it is to document things. Whether you are the photo type or the word type or feel most comfortable with some other medium looking back on things is always strange in a way I can't describe and gives me a tingly feeling. I reread things I've written a long time ago every now and then and think that I am reading the thoughts of another person. Essentially if you keep updating, you are providing fun for your future self, which is pretty neat.

I can't think of anything else for now, but I think those four should leave you with somewhere to start. There is a possibility of weird photo booth photos gone wrong to come later in the day or maybe tomorrow. It is ten degrees Fahrenheit outside and the chill is seeping in a bit so I'm going to put on another sweater. Happy New Year.