the overalls

These overalls are the best. They have a stain which you can’t see because I folded the cuff over it, but it looks like dried blood. However, it isn’t dried blood. It’s raspberry gelato. My friend and I had just gotten cones with “une boule de glace” on them and decided to have a race up the huge steps to Sacre Coeur. It was night and warm and windy and smelled like a mixture of the dust that filters through the air in Paris during the summer months and burning sugar. We flew up the stairs with the gelato dripping the whole way up. When we got to the top we just stood there laughing at the red stains on the front of my overalls. My entire cone had practically emptied onto them. We sat down on a bench overlooking the entire city as one does at Montmartre and shared her cone. Though I have mixed feelings about Paris, I sometimes long so much for the moments that I had while I was there.